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Completed TSK BlogPoll Ballot for Week 9

First, full ballot:


Ties broken: LSU-Alabama, because that's the way we had it last week; Arkansas-Michigan State by SEC homerism bonus and Penn State-Arizona State, because that's the order Year2 had it in and I didn't have any real objections.

My chart, followed by a few thoughts after the jump:


I still hate Clemson being as high as No. 3, so I'll make an offer: Any team that defeats them has my undying fanhood. Yes, I'm that desperate.

Having Kansas State this high kind of feels very last decade, but they've beaten a few legitimate teams and no one has beaten them, so there we area. Boise continues to fall off. I might have overvalued Michigan State just a touchd, but the only thing that really dings their record right now is a very bad Notre Dame loss.

I might have Texas A&M a bit high, but the Texas Tech win looks a lot better all of a sudden. Oregon has begun to beat teams that actually count for something. I'm not waiting for the inevitable post-Lattimore South Carolina collapse quite as eagerly as ESPN's almost-gloating reminders of it, but I'm afraid it might be coming.

I don't really know what to do with Houston. They're almost like Boise without the street cred and the one quality win. I hate having Illinois ranked at all, but I can't really see any of the other teams that I would like to replace them with. (And don't even say West Virginia. When you get drilled like that by Syracuse, you ain't making my ballot.)

Really, if we wanted to stop at No. 20 this week, I would be fine with that. None of the other teams really feel like they should be ranked, but the rules say we go until we reach No. 25.