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SEC Football Topics for Discussion: BCS Chaos, World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party and Alabama-LSU

So, that was fun. For those of who didn't stay up Saturday night, you missed a great evening of college football. Michigan State took down Wisconsin on a last-minute Hail Mary, while Texas Tech edged out Oklahoma, though Tommy Tuberville gave those of us pulling for Texas Tech heart attacks on the way. A few things. First, how do you think the Top 5 should go in our next BlogPoll ballot? And second, do you think this makes it more likely that the LSU-Alabama loser could find their way back into the national title game? Should they?

What did you take away from the weekend that was? I have a hard time drawing any real lessons from the weekend. LSU buzz-sawed Auburn, with the only surprise there being the margin; Arkansas survived an upset alert against Ole Miss; and Alabama waited until the second half to drop a truck on Tennessee, which was a surprise only in the fact that it was delayed. So was this really just a week of filler on the way to a decisive month-long stretch in the SEC?

How important is the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in the grand scheme of things? In other words, will it really go that far in determining the SEC East? If Georgia wins, the most important game is likely going to be South Carolina's trip to Arkansas. If Florida wins, it might make the Florida-South Carolina game more significant, but South Carolina still has to navigate its schedule with no more than one more loss.

What's your undercard for next week? Obviously, WLOCP is going to take center stage. Arkansas heads to Nashville to square off with Vanderbilt, Auburn welcomes Ole Miss, Mississippi State goes on the road against Kentucky and South Carolina journeys to Tennessee for the other intra-East game. What's your secondary game for the SEC this Saturday?

Who gets the Capital One, Outback and Cotton bowl berths? Cap One gets the No. 3 team out of the SEC (assuming two go to the BCS, which seems like a safe bet right now), Outback gets the best remaining team out of the East (unless they swap with the Cotton Bowl), and the Cotton takes the best remaining out of the West. If you were to don the colored blazers for each of those games right now, who are you voting for?