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Auburn Vs. LSU Preview: Here's Hoping the Stadium's Standing When It's Over

The calm before the storm?
The calm before the storm?

Auburn Tigers at LSU Tigers, 3:30 p.m. ET, CBS

We've noted this here before, but it bears repeating in case someone has missed it in the past: Under no circumstance should you allow yourself to miss the Auburn-LSU game unless your team is playing opposite the game -- which won't happen for any SEC fan this season, since the two teams are facing off in the 3:30 p.m. ET window.

Why is it so urgent that you watch this game? Because something almost always happens, from earthquakes to fires to a kicker making the winning extra point on a second (controversial) attempt to the same kicker missing five field goals to one of Les Miles' most infamous calls. It's not always pretty, but it's never boring.

As for the football -- expect a brisk game. Neither of these teams throws the ball particularly well, and both of them have a solid running game, so the clock should be running most of the time. That could also keep the score relatively low, something that has to play to LSU's advantage given the Bayou Bengals' defense. (Also, LSU has the second-best running defense in the SEC, which can only amplify the home team's advantage.)

All that said, one of the things this season needs the most is an upset. And if there's a really good chance for an upset that shakes up the SEC championship race, you would have to tab this game as the one, particularly given that all three of the SEC East contenders have a bye this week.

But there's a difference between thinking a game is the most likely to produce and upset and thinking that an upset will actually happen. Auburn comes close, but this year's strange event will give the edge to LSU.

LSU 17, Auburn 13