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Year2's Week 8 Picks

Last week: 4-1 straight up, 2-3 against the spread

Season: 42-13 straight up, 22-22-1 against the spread

Kentucky (-) over Jacksonville State 24-10

My standard rule in the Yahoo! picking game is to automatically pick I-A teams to beat I-AA teams and assign the highest number of confidence points to those games first. However given how awful UK has looked and JSU's win over Ole Miss last year, I only gave this 26 confidence points instead of the maximum 28. I believe in the 'Cats here, but there's just enough doubt not to load up on the highest point total possible.

Arkansas (-16) over Ole Miss 55-24

The line has actually gone down a point from Tuesday to now. Why, I have no idea.

LSU (-21.5) over Auburn 44-20

Seriously, no coach in the country is better at handling distractions than Les Miles is. Go look at his track record if you don't believe me. LSU will make Auburn look bad here.

Vanderbilt (-11) over Army 26-17

I'm taking Army to cover mainly because I think facing a unique offense a week after that close scrape with Georgia is not a recipe for success for this still-growing team.

Alabama (-30) over Tennessee 41-13

This has to be a record line for this rivalry. Somehow, I think Tennessee's passing game will generate just enough to cover the line, but I'd feel a lot better about that statement if Tyler Bray was going to play.