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SEC Suspends Three From Georgia-Vanderbilt Game

Most of the focus after the Georgia-Vanderbilt game was on the kerfuffle between James Franklin and Todd Grantham. While that was a newsworthy exchange, nothing much has actually come of it.

Contrast that with this particular exchange:

What you see there is Vandy's Logan Stewart diving into the back of Kwame Geathers' knees after the play was over, followed by Geathers taking a swing at Stewart. Both of them have been suspended for the first half of their next games by the SEC office. It's hard to blame Geathers for being so upset by such a blatant cheap shot, but if you even attempt to punch someone on the field, you're going to sit for some amount of time. As for Stewart, I'm surprised he didn't get a full game for that.

Also suspended for his next half is Georgia's Shawn Williams, who collected a pair of personal foul penalties in the game. Specifically it was a "flagrant personal foul" (see video) that occurred in the third quarter that got him the suspension as noted in the SEC's news release. You might also remember that it was Franklin being upset at Williams that initially sparked the exchange between the Vandy head coach and Grantham. There has been no word yet either way on whether the SEC will issue penalties of any kind to the coaches.

Vanderbilt's next game is against Army this weekend; Georgia's next game is against Florida in a week and a half.


The SEC says the Franklin-Grantham spat is being "handled internally". Sounds like Slive is making the coaches each write five-paragraph, double-spaced essays on why what they did was wrong to be due by Saturday morning. Or something.