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SEC Football Topics for Discussion: Marcus Lattimore Injury, Florida's Season and the Arrival of the BCS

The bright side: Steve Spurrier cannot continue running him until he breaks.
The bright side: Steve Spurrier cannot continue running him until he breaks.

Should South Carolina or Georgia be more worried about Saturday? Let's set aside the issue of the Marcus Lattimore injury for a moment -- we'll get to that in a bit. Look instead at the performances -- South Carolina needing a clutch drive late in the game to beat the Western Division Bulldogs, and Georgia coming within a receiver's ability to catch the ball of losing at Vanderbilt for the first time in two decades -- and think about who should be worried more about the abilities of their teams.

Now, let's deal with Lattimore. How significant an impact will his injury have on the Gamecocks' hopes to win the SEC East? They get a week off, then travel to a depleted Tennessee before the season-defining games at Arkansas and against Florida. How much, if at all, will Lattimore's potential absence affect each of those game?

Is Florida done? The Gators are now 2-3 in the SEC and John Brantley is still hurt. Florida gets one week off before the meat of the remaining schedule hits in the form of the Cocktail Party, a home game against a surprisingly competent-looking Vanderbilt and a visit to Columbia. What's the ceiling for Florida and, perhaps more importantly, what's the floor?

Are you ready for the BCS standings to be released? The first edition comes out tonight at 8:15 p.m. ET -- we'll be live-tweeting the show and have analysis up shortly thereafter -- but the results could be disappointed for SEC partisans, if ESPN BCS sherpa Brad Edwards has them pegged correctly. According to the Saturday Night Football broadcast, Edwards has Oklahoma at No. 1 -- not Alabama or LSU. What say you about that? And should Alabama or LSU rank higher in the standings?

Steel-cage deathmatch bewteen Will Muschamp and Todd Grantham: Who you got? Let's face it; that's not the only reason that you're tuning into the World Largest Cocktail Party, but it's one of them.