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Something New for Team Speed Kills Now This Week

First, a bit of business in regards to our podcast/radio show. We've had some people ask in the comments and via email whether it can be downloaded after the fact, and the answer is yes. Go here. We're working on getting it listed on iTunes, but that's probably at least a few weeks away.

Now, for this week's show. Have you seen the slate? It is as ugly a weekend as we are likely to have in the SEC this year, with Florida at Auburn the only meeting of remotely rankable teams and no compelling divisional or rivalry games. (Florida and Auburn was a rivalry back in the day, but it's cooled off some now that they don't play each other every year.)

So let's try something a bit different. Tweet @TeamSpeedKills and a question or comment, hashtag it #tsknow, and we'll deal with it on the show. I'd like to queue up a few before we try this. So have at it.