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SEC Noon Game Previews, Predictions

A for the record exercise when your humble correspondent gets behind

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas, 12 p.m. ET, ESPN: This is a welcome-to-the-SEC game for the Aggies, who would love an opportunity to prove that they belong. This is a game for bowl seeding for Arkansas, which seemed to prove last weekend that they aren't ready to play for the SEC West yet in the loss against Alabama. Fortunately for Arkansas, Texas A&M's defense is not as good as Alabama. (That's not an insult for the Aggies; LSU might be the only team where the defense is as good as Alabama's.) Arkansas 34, Texas A&M 31

Mississippi State at Georgia, 12 p.m. ET, FSN: On one hand, it's not really a surprise that these teams are here. There are plenty of people who expected Georgia to be 2-2 after September, though they probably thought the path to this point would be slighlty less adventurous, and the only potentially surprising loss on State's record is the close game at Auburn. But both fans bases are still dispirited by the way their teams lost, which seems to have both already knocked out of the division race and hoping to play in a bowl outside of the mid-December or post-New Year's, non-BCS windows reserved for mediocre SEC teams. But they're playing between the hedges, and that only helps one of them. Georgia 25, Mississippi State 13

Kentucky at LSU, 12:21 p.m. ET, SEC Network: The only real question is whether LSU can hold Kentucky to negative points. They will hold them to negative yards for an easy win. LSU 43, Kentucky 3