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Fight Hunger Bowl Preview: Nevada, Boston College Would Like Your Attention

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, Jan. 9, 9 p.m. ET, ESPN

What it is: Proof that football games and baseball games should only be played in the same stadium if the facility was built for that purpose.

The Teams: Nevada and Boston College

How Nevada got here: By being one of the best Little Sisters of the Poor schools this side of TCU. The Wolf Pack tore through the WAC with scores close to what totally legitimate BCS contender Boise State rang up on its path through the conference. In fact, had Nevada not lost to Hawaii by six on the islands, the Pack would have a good case for going to the BCS this year. As it is, they defeated Boise in an epic, overtime upset that foiled ESPN's plans to showcase the Broncos in the Rose Bowl. The downside of that is that Boise won't bring as much money to the soon-to-be-dissolved WAC and the Pack still only go to the Fight Hunger Bowl, which somehow seems like an appropriate venue. You've all heard by now about the Angry Ostrich, Colin Kaepernick, who ran for 1,184 yards and 20 TDs on 164 carries and went 213-for-326 for 2,830 yards, 20 TDs and 7 INTs. You haven't heard enough about him, but you've heard about him. Vai Taua ran for 1,534 yards and 19 TDs and also had 3 receiving scores on the year. Kaepernick probably deserves a bigger spotlight for his final game at the college level, but a Sunday night with the stage to himself isn't a bad alternative.

How Boston College got here: By defeating two of the seven bowl teams it faced. After beating cupcakes Weber State and Kent State, the Eagles started a five-game skid that included a 19-0 loss to Virginia Tech, an 18-point defeat against Notre Dame and a 27-point waxing at N.C. State. The end of the schedule had Wake Forest, Duke and Virginia sandwiched between Clemson and Syracuse. BC won them all, none of them particularly comfortably, helped by the running of Montel Harris, who ran for 1,243 yards and eight touchdowns on 269 carries, and for once not hurt by a quarterback controversy that saw coaches swing wildly between signal-callers throughout the year. The biggest factor was the team's defense, one of the best in the ACC and the best rushing defense (in terms of yardage) in the NCAA. There are problems with the pass defense, though, and the Eagles still got outscored by their opponents on the year despite the 19th-ranked scoring defense in the country.

College football fans care because: There are only two college football games left.

SEC fans care because: We can laugh at the ACC if they lose to a WAC team.

Watch this game if...: You like college football and haven't seen Kaepernick much.

The result: Nevada 37, Boston College 7