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Les Miles, Michigan to Meet About Head Coaching Job, Says ESPN

This time, it might not be a great day for LSU fans.
This time, it might not be a great day for LSU fans.

Before now, it was all speculation with no real reports to back it up. Now, we have at least the beginnings of what could be signs of genuine interest in Les Miles on the part of Michigan. Joe Schad has the story.

One source close to Miles said a time and place has not been finalized. Another source said the coach would give LSU 24 hours notification before the interview and that had not occurred.

Miles, a Michigan alum, would be interested in listening to athletic director Dave Brandon, one source close to him said.

Of course, talking to Michigan and signing on the dotted line are two different things. Still, every few people think that Miles doesn't at least want to coach at Michigan at some point in his life, and there's no chance that he will get a third opportunity to take the job.

The report might explain the odd statement earlier today from LSU athletics director Joe Alleva. He just decided he had something to say, of course.

I have not been contacted by anyone from the University of Michigan about Les Miles. Les Miles is LSU's head coach and we are going to do everything we can to keep it that way. He has had great success here and we plan to keep enjoying that success under his leadership.

The first part of that statement might soon change. And that could dramatically affect how true the rest of it will be.