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Nick Saban, Urban Meyer on Board for ESPN BCS National Title Game Telecast

ESPN likes to bring in high profile guests for its telecasts whenever it can, and its choices for guest analyst for the BCS National Championship Game fit that bill. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer will join the usual suspects for the broadcast of the game.

It's not the first time something similar has happened. Meyer was a guest analyst for the 2008 BCS Championship Game where LSU beat Ohio State to secure its 2007 national title. It led to a humorous ending of the broadcast when, as Fox was signing of for the night, the LSU team surrounded the broadcast desk cheering while an obviously uncomfortable Meyer ducked down to avoid the ruckus. I can't remember when, but I'm fairly certain I've seen Saban do spot work on ESPN in the past. Bama fans, correct me if I'm wrong there.

The irony of the choices it is not lost on me, as Saban and Meyer are two of the more hostile coaches when it comes to the media. Saban has had his fair share of run ins with the press over the years, particularly when he's asked about the depth chart. Meyer's relationship with the media was always up-and-down in Gainesville, with the most notable "down" incident being his confrontation with former Orlando Sentinel beat writer Jeremy Fowler over last summer. Both also aren't known for being dynamic speakers when in front of cameras, with Meyer being particularly wooden.

The choices are likely to leave partisans of the two teams equally unhappy. Saban is the head coach of Auburn's arch rival, while I think I can faintly hear the cries of "East Coast bias" out of Oregon from here in Charlotte. Maybe Oregon State head coach Mike Riley simply had other things to do that night.