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Sprints Punches Washaun Ealey and Hires Charlie Weis // 01.03.11

At least they spared his eyes this time
All you can say is that Washaun Ealey has to be the unluckiest man to have ever played football. Why?

In fairness, the video makes it look like Ealey might have shoved the Central Florida player in question. Still, how many times can one guy be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Really.

Next season, a Georgia Tech player will remove Ealey's hair and wave it around in the air as he runs laps around the field. The Georgia Tech player will also not be penalized.


Muschamp naming more coaching hires
And -- surprise! -- he knows some of them personally. Stan Drayton seems to be returning as much for the recruiting coordinator title as for the running backs coach description. D.J. Durkin will be back to coach the linebackers and special teams and Brian White will coach the tight ends.

The new hires are Aubrey Hill for receivers and Travaris Robinson -- who was a graduate assistant under Muschamp at Auburn -- to coach defensive backs.

Chiefs coach says Charlie Weis will take the Florida job
This is something that Florida still has not confirmed as of this writing. But Todd Haley probably knows of what he speaks, being the coach of the Kansas City team that Weis is leaving.

With that being said, Charlie is a family guy. He has a situation, a family situation, where he can go to Florida and be with his son, who is going to get into coaching. Without talking personally about Charlie, this is a great situation for Charlie. And I respect it 100 percent and we respect it 100 percent.

If it's just about the family, there might be nothing to the idea that Weis is being pushed out at Kansas City, and it would explain why he would leave the NFL for Gainesville.

From the new Florida offensive coordinator
Charlie Weis talks about why he has accepted a job he has not yet been confirmed to have accepted. And he says it's not about Haley or Kansas City.

I almost get offended when people say that. ... But this decision had absolutely zero to do with relationships in Kansas City.

Oh, yeah, the son's job.

Weis’ son Charlie will soon graduate from St. Pius X High School in Kansas City and will attend Florida, where he will be an assistant coach for the Gators while attending school. ...

"He wants to coach. It took us very long to try to find a place where he could be involved with the football program in a student assistant capacity. When I finally did talk to Will, we chatted about that and then we talked about me."

Florida has now officially lapped Bowden-era Florida State as the capital of cronyism in Sunshine State football. If you're Facebook friends with Will Muschamp, you too could be a coach at Florida.


Greg McGarity didn't set an ultimatum in as many words ...
But what he said is enough for Mark Richt to start feeling a bit warm.

"People need to understand that I get it," McGarity said in an interview Saturday with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I understand people are frustrated. I understand they're disappointed. No one is more disappointed than our staff and our players. We're moving forward. You've got to flush it and move on. You've got to learn from your mistakes, just like in any other situation."

Again, Richt will be back as head coach at Georgia in 2011. But that's about all that's guaranteed at this point.

It's not good when fan blogs are starting to look at your buyout clause
It's even worse when they figure that it would be $1.8 million cheaper to fire you after next season than to wait another year.

But Rich has the recipe for turning things around
Um -- they're going to be more professional?

By change, Richt said "that doesn't necessarily mean personnel," but "it's more how we go about our business."

Oh boy.


Pitt is burning to the ground
If Kentucky can't win its bowl game against the PIttsburgh Panthers, Joker Phillips should be fired on the spot. It's not just that the relatively successful Dave Wannstedt was fired or that the new head coach, Michael Haywood, was arrested for domestic violence and also fired. There's more.

Mr. Wannstedt is expected to announce at the noon news conference whether he intends to coach the Panthers when they play Kentucky in the BBVA Compass Bowl Saturday in Birmingham, Ala. ...

Pitt administrators may have to attend the news conference to find out his answer.

Yes, no one at Pitt seems to know whether Wannstedt will coach the bowl game -- which is happening IN FIVE DAYS. There are reports that he will, he might not or he will not, which doesn't really add any clarity to the situation.

This is starting to make the search for an Alabama coach after the 2006 season seem orderly. And there's probably not a Nick Saban at the end of the road for this team.

Unlikely draftee enters the NFL Draft
I'm still not sure why Tori Gurley thinks he will do well in the NFL, possibly without even hearing from the league's advisory panel, but he does.

My years at the University of South Carolina were the best years of my life. I fulfilled a lifelong dream to play under a Hall of Fame coach in Steve Spurrier and being a part of the Gamecock nation.

Best of luck to him.

Travis Haney is also confused
The idea of an SEC title seems a bit questionable after the bowl game, but he raises some good questions.

What's going to be different in a year? If anything, chances are that Gurley will be in a much better spot for going pro. The Gamecocks could win an SEC title, lifting Gurley's profile. And he's still developing as a receiver. He's only been at USC for two years after a year at prep school.

Gurley was supposedly unhappy about his role in the offense, which kind of makes sense when the other receiver is Alshon Jeffery. But an extra year could really only improve his currently marginal draft stock.

Wilber Hackett Jr. retires from SEC officiating
You know him as an official from his tackle of Stephen Garcia in a game against LSU a few years ago. He was also a pretty good player at Kentucky years ago and played a key role in integrating the SEC.

Um ... Randy Edsall?!?
No one in the state of Maryland watched the Fiesta Bowl. I can say this with confidence because Maryland has hired Randy Edsall as head coach. Auburn fans will be happy, because it means that Gus Malzahn likely stays there for another year, but I have no idea what Maryland could possibly be thinking.

Oh, Ron
Ron Franklin was born to broadcast football games. Unfortunately, he was apparently also born with absolutely no respect for women. The latest reports are that Franklin called Jeannine Edwards "sweetcakes" and then something far less flattering when she didn't like that. And if things seemed a little icy between Franklin and Edwards on the Chick-fil-A Bowl broadcast, that's why. Franklin did not broadcast the Fiesta Bowl on radio, as planned, on Saturday.