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Sprints Will Not Be Stopped by Sleet or Snow When Covering the BCS National Championship Game // 01.10.11

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That snow looks a lot like a crystal football.
That snow looks a lot like a crystal football.

After Sprints, we're going to focus on the BCS National Championship Game, barring something like Les Miles saying he's not going to Michigan so he can follow his lifelong dream of coaching the Toronto Argonauts. The open thread will post at 5 p.m., and you can post on  your mobile device (whiz-bang SB Nation technological goodies, represent!) or on your computer. We'll be around.


Cough cough It's the snow cough cough
Remember how Auburn made a big deal of the fact that it would not do as football-crazy University of Alabama did, canceling classes for the national championship game? Yeah.

Auburn University closed Monday, Jan. 10, due to winter weather

The safety of all students, employees, residents and visitors of Auburn University is our highest priority.  Please keep informed about this winter weather event, be prepared for all types of winter precipitation, limit travel, and be prepared to implement your personal emergency plans for winter weather.

No need to minimize the danger of driving on icy roads, and we should point out that the BCS viewing events have been called off as well. Still, I'm sure that the number of students going to the game had NOTHING to do with it -- nothing at all.

For some reason, I have a lot of trouble believing this
Brent Musberger promises he won't get in the way of the game. He probably overpromises a bit.

I'll be quieter than usual, won't try to over talk. I know they'll be some people who, believe it or not, won't know where Auburn is, so we'll mention it. But I think the bigger the game, the less you need an announcer. I'll just let people enjoy it.

I don't mind Musberger all that much -- in fact, I kind of find him amusing, and he's easily one of the better ESPN broadcasters -- but I'm also not sure about his ability to be quieter during the game. Then again, he has to be better than what we watched on Fox from 2007-09.

This is odd
Not that eight people who were selling fake tickets were arrested; that's good. It's this part:

Police say undercover detectives had tracking the suspect's movements since they arrived in the Phoenix metropolitan area three days ago.

How did they know who they were looking for?


Another announcement that we knew was coming
A.J. Green is headed to the NFL Draft, something that was almost inevitable. He will be selected about as high as you can be selected -- he might be the first offensive player off the board -- and will move on ahead of what might be a rebuilding season at Georgia.

The likelihood of Georgia having to shoot for "rebuilding" -- which under Richt means eight or nine wins -- probably edges up a bit after this game. While the offense is likely to be improved next season, we all saw what happened when Green wasn't with the Dawgs for the first four games. And Aaron Murray will have to look for someone else on some of his throws, which is no small thing.

Miles, Michigan could meet as soon as Tuesday
That's about all that's novel about The Detroit News' update on the Wolverines' coaching search.

This could be fun
Patrick Peterson is expected to announce he's entering the NFL Draft at a press conference today; I'm certain that's the only thing that will come up at the press conference with Miles.

Maybe he's not so unlucky
Washaun Ealey started the post-game fight with Troy Davis at the Liberty Bowl, according to UCF head coach George O'Leary. That would seem to be backed up by the video, which showed Davis falling backward before he swung at Ealey, though Georgia hasn't commented on the fight yet.

"The game ended. We were coming on the field and most of the Georgia kids ran off the field. No. 3 [Ealey], who basically had a tough game and was very mouthy during the game, came running toward Troy and shoved him in the head. And that's why you see the film of him going backward. ...

"Pretty much our coaches were right there," O'Leary said. "Coach Key and Coach Panagos. And they got between it. Holding that kid [Ealey] back, who still wanted to start trouble."

Maybe he thought it was Brandon Spikes in disguise. (HT: Get the Picture)

'Gator Nation I'm back....'
That's what Janoris Jenkins apparently tweeted recently, which would make a lot more sense if he were Will Hill. But there might be someone in the Florida secondary next year.