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Sprints Is Still Looking for Admiral Ackbar at Ole Miss -- and Marcell Dareus on the Field // 09.07.10

Ole Miss commercial
We don't have a lot of news this morning, in part because of the Boise State-Virginia Tech game taking up most of the attention Monday night and in part because it was a holiday. But the game included this great commercial.

Well played, ESPN. Well played. (Video HT: Shakin The Southland)

Alabama won't appeal Dareus suspension
The Marcell Dareus suspension will stand, in part because the Tide doesn't think it has a case that he shouldn't sit. Saban:

Even though I may ... wish it was less as coach for him as a player and for our team, that doesn't mean that when you look at the case precedent of what's been done in the past that he got treated unfairly, and when that was done, we didn't feel there was a precedent for an appeal.

Left unsaid is that this makes planning much easier for Alabama. The Tide would have been waiting on an appeal until near mid-week at best, a huge distraction ahead of the showdown with Penn State. Best to just drop it and move on, apparently.

Who said they did?
Apparently, beat writers in Tuscaloosa had a lot of time to think about the game against San Jose State. Too much, perhaps.

"We don't have a QB situation here," Alabama coach Saban said Monday. "We don't have a QB controversy."

Apparently, this notion might have taken hold because backup A.J. McCarron took a lot of snaps. If you're waxing an opponent, why would you keep your starting quarterback in the game? Unless, of course, you're Urban Meyer.

Where were you?
Urban Meyer continues to find out things about the game he was supposedly at on Saturday. I think he was there -- I remember seeing him on the television -- but he sures seemed surprised to find out what was happening.

One particular concern he had was that WRs Deonte Thompson and Carl Moore played every snap. "Should never happen," Meyer said. That follows Meyer’s comment Saturday that he was unaware Andre Debose did not play and planned to speak with receivers coach Zach Azzanni about it.

Which is all well and good, but what exactly were you doing at the time. You didn't at some point think, "Hey, Deonte and Carl have been in there a lot, and I haven't seen Andre yet"? If it "should never happen," is it not kind of incumbent on the head coach to make sure it doesn't?

As for those who want to get rid of Steve Addazio yesterday:

Meyer didn’t have a problem with the offensive play-calling. In fact, he said he gave his staff a "plus" for that aspect of the game.

What exactly would have been a minus?

Meyer explains the snapping problem
Amazingly, he does this without flying into a blinding fury worthy of Mike Gundy.