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Halves of BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll Ballots, Take One

1. Alabama. So far, so good.
2. Arkansas. 
3. Florida. I need to see one more game before I go doing something like ranking them outside the Top 5.
4. South Carolina. The kind of thing we don't see often in Columbia: An impressive performance against an overmatched foe.
5. Georgia. Beat ULL like a drum. That's about all you can say.
6. Mississippi State. They played a team at full strength, even if it was Memphis, and blasted them.
7. LSU. UNC's scout team is better than the team you played, and it took a last-minute defensive stand?
8. Auburn. Arkansas State had more points and yards against Auburn than they averaged last year. Arkansas State!
9. Kentucky. Won against Louisville in the debut of the Joker. We'll see if his routine will last.
10. Tennessee. Let's see a real game.
11. Vanderbilt. At least their loss was to an FBS team.
12. Ole Miss. Really -- did you expect anyone else here?

To review, my Week One BlogPoll rules:


  • No winning team moves down in the poll because there is no preseason in college football;
  • No losers appear on the ballot because they haven't achieved anything;
  • No team will move into the Top 25 by defeating an FCS team (new this year).


The ground rules set, we have:

1 Alabama
2 Boise State
3 Ohio State
5 Arizona

Four of my Top 5 won over the weekend, which kind of locked me in here. I would expect Boise State to move down next week and Virginia Tech to return to the ballot. TCU moves into the Top 5 with a good win. Arizona stays put by waxing Toledo.

6 Nebraska
7 Oregon
8 Florida
9 Wisconsin
10 Arkansas

I'll be impressed by Oregon a bit more when they play against a team not a midmajor, but that was still a pretty thorough annihilation of a decent Mountain West team. Florida will not remain in the Top 15 if they don't play better next week.

11 Michigan
12 Oklahoma
13 Georgia Tech
14 BYU
15 Texas

Michigan easily defeated Connecticut and I'm not ready to completely abandon Connecticut, so Michigan debuts high on the poll. Oklahoma will also not remain in the Top 15 if they don't play better next week -- almost losing to Utah State has pretty much confirmed my opinion that they were overrated to begin with. BYU won against what should still be an improved Washington.

16 Stanford
17 Utah
18 Florida State
19 Auburn
20 Iowa


21 Georgia
22 South Carolina
23 LSU
24 Nevada
25 Oklahoma State

Ooh. South Carolina. Oklahoma State is about the only team that defeated another FBS team -- dismantled them, actually -- that I felt like ranking. So they're No. 25. Next week, I begin to integrate the resume poll and things should change dramatically.