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Topics for Discussion // 09.05.10

Can Houston Nutt survive at Ole Miss? Listen, no one expected the Rebels to win the SEC West. But they lost to an FCS team after holding a three-touchdown lead. Now we know why that waiver for Jeremiah Masoli was so important. Sure, we've seen teams lose to an FCS opponent and then turn the season around to an extent -- 2007 Michigan being a perfect example. But it's more often a sign of a two- or three-win season, and I'm not sure even the most pessimistic Ole Miss fan is ready for that. Fluke or harbinger?

Who had the second worst day in the SEC? I think we can go ahead an label Ole Miss the loser of the day, but who's second? Florida seemed unable to master the snap in its first game without Tim Tebow. LSU played something that they called "a football game" against North Carolina, but really resembled one only in passing. Vanderbilt's loss to Northwestern featured almost as many mistakes by both teams. And there are nits to pick with other teams, though no of them seem as severe as the problems in Gainesville, Baton Rouge and maybe Nashville.

Georgia-South Carolina: Who you got? Both teams annihilated overwhelmed opponents this weekend; South Carolina's margin was a little smaller, but its opponent was arguably a little better. Both gave us reasons to think that the offenses would be better and the defenses would be either just as good (in South Carolina's case) or better (in Georgia's). It's too much to say that the winner of this game -- which once again looks to be the marquee intraconference battle of Week 2 -- will be a front-runner in the SEC East. But you've got to like their chances much better than before Florida's game against Miami (OH).

Any questions? Sans Marcell Dareus and Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram, Alabama rang up 591 yards of total offense and limited San Jose State to 175. Greg McElroy was 13-of-15 for 218 yards and a touchdown, the Tide averaged 6.3 yards on 41 carries and SJSU was 1-of-13 on third-down conversions. Given the way the other top-tier teams in the SEC looked this weekend, is Alabama even more of a favorite today than they were on Friday?

You buying Auburn? The Tigers scored 52 points against Arkansas State, but they also allowed the Red Wolves to score 26. Auburn led by just one score as late as the 2:20 mark in the second quarter and didn't lead by more than two touchdows until almost halfway through the third quarter. They're going to score. But can they stop anyone?