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Sprints' Advice for Mark Richt Is to Ignore Bobby Bowden's Advice for Mark Richt // 09.30.10


Because that worked so well for him over the last few years
Bobby Bowden has advice for Mark Richt. Mark Richt should completely ignore this advice.

Just stay the course. It's all you can do. All you can do is stay the course and recruit better.

Staying the course is fine until the course ends at the edge of a cliff. Then you should generally find another course.

Even the student tickets aren't all being used
That's how you know that a team is in trouble. Except, as Groo notes, the issue started before the Dawgs were clearly out of things. Maybe the students were just smarter than other fans.

New running back for the Colorado game
Washaun Ealey will not start for the Dawgs in Boulder, according to offense uncoordinator Mike Bobo. Look for Caleb King or Carlton Thomas to get the nod instead.


Your history lesson from Kleph
Roll Bama Roll looks at the Florida-Alabama games through the years.

Demps likely to play Saturday
Jeff Demps is probable for the game against the Tide.

And on the other side of the field ...
Marcell Dareus has "a pretty good chance" of playing in the game.


He's not starting -- he's getting 'a chance to stop fumbling'
Steve Spurrier certainly has an interesting way of announcing that Stephen Garcia is still his starter for the Alabama game.

Now, can he stop fumbling? We’re going to give him a chance to stop fumbling. But he hasn’t thrown a lot of picks this year. Other than the fumbles, he’s played pretty decently.

No pressure, Stephen.

In that case, it's probably best that they don't go in the game
South Carolina offensive line coach Shawn Elliott doesn't appear to have a lot of confidence in some of the freshmen recruits that could shake things up in the beleaguered unit.

"You throw those guys in there," Elliott said, "and maybe the only thing shaken up is Garcia's head a little bit more."

Given his controversial running style, the last thing Garcia needs is more shaking up of his head.

'I don't see any method at all, sir'
Spencer Hall catches the mood of Baton Rouge.

"We're just waiting for this thing to blow up in our faces."


He pauses. "Miles."

There's a level of humor and insight that is perfectly Hall-ian here and worth the read. And of course, there's Mike the Tiger. Any time Spencer writes about LSU, Mike will be prominently mentioned.

This is nonsense
Ole Miss' reason for making sure that the team plays seven home games a year?

We have over 6,000 priority seat donors that represent almost 29,000 seats including club seats and suites. That represents almost $11 million in annual donations. Part of the value of those seats and suites is the expectation of seven home games.

Except most of the fans probably don't get a lot out of the cupcake games required to ensure seven home games a year. And when one of those teams is Jacksonville State, I think they'd gladly take one less home game.

Get Mumme-fied (Sorry)
The Senator and 3SIB are once again firing up the annual Mumme Poll, which basically ranks teams based on the number of people who think they're good. I know, that sounds like all polls, but it's hard to state simply. So, go check it out and see if you want to take part.

Dee Bost will play basketball for Mississippi State again. Eventually
First, he'll sit out the fall semester. Then, he'll serve a nine-game suspension for not pulling his name out of the NBA Draft in time, after which he will play.

More on John Blake, Marvin Austin and AgentGate
Nothing that seems to tie any of the activity to our fair league, but something to keep an eye on just in case.

This is delusion
I have no idea how to begin to respond to Tim Brewster's view of Minnesota.

"I understand the frustration of our fans, because my expectation was to be 4-0 at this point," Brewster said Tuesday, his voice rising. "I with all my heart believe we should and could be 4-0."

And you would be alone.

Cal baseball team is gone
I'll have more to say on this later, but you can essentially thank the faculty for this.