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Sprints Is Listening to Chris Rainey's Girlfriend // 09.28.10

Chris Rainey's apparently former girlfriend supports the prosecutors' decision
I'm not one of those people that says, "Well, if she doesn't have a problem with it" -- because we all know how things like this can go, and sometimes people don't always recognize the problems in their lives. On the other hand, this seems like as clear-cut a case of a clear-minded endorsement as you can get.

We have known Chris Rainey for three years and never during that time has he displayed any violent or threatening behavior towards us or anyone. To our knowledge, Chris does not drink alcohol or use drugs. His actions that night were out of character for reasons unknown to us, which is why we stood up in court on his behalf.

So until someone has some information to add to this portrait, perhaps it's time to move on. But the most important part of the statement might be the acknowledgement that "any violence or potential violence against any person is unacceptable."

How bad has Georgia's season been this year?
Dan Hawkins is talking them up. Yes, Georgia is getting the Lou Holtz treatment from the head coach of a team that's been 8-16 over the last two years.

And I don’t take a lot of stock in the fact they’ve dropped a couple of games here. They’ve battled. They had a great game against Arkansas and had a chance to win that game.

Of course, when it comes to the hot seat, Dan Hawkins knows of what he speaks. (HT: Blutarsky)

You can't really blame them
I'm disappointed that Georgia and Oregon aren't going to play in 2015 and 2016, though I'm sure five years is enough time for me to get over it. Maybe Georgia fans will get over it by then as well. The sad thing is, it means that one of the few BCS schools still willing to schedule marquee nonconference games outside of rivalries is apparently no longer willing to do so.

"The model that we would establish in the future would have seven home games every year," McGarity said. "If you look at the models of other schools that have played for the (BCS) championship lately, there’s always one tough nonconference game."

And McGarity is right; there's no longer much reward for AQ teams to schedule other AQ teams outside of something like a rivalry, and certainly no reason to put two AQ teams on the slate. There are ways to fix the problem, but it would require leadership either from the NCAA or the BCS.

In other words, I wouldn't look for it to happen any time soon.

How bad was South Carolina's loss to Auburn?
They lost ground in the AP poll for two consecutive days. (HT: Haney)

Tennessee pass a lot on third down. A lot
And they really have nothing to show for it.

Ever wonder what happened to Joe Tereshinski?
He became a graduate assistant at Wake Forest. Really.

'The brightest stars in the sky burn out the quickest'
Kenny McKinley's funeral was held in Georgia on Monday. And it still doesn't make any sense.

RIP, George Blanda
Perhaps the only Kentucky player to become a singular talent at the NFL level. Not that that's an insult; there will probably never be another George Blanda.