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Half of the BlogPoll Draft Ballot

Terrelle "Zoolander" Pryor, ladies and gentlemen.
Terrelle "Zoolander" Pryor, ladies and gentlemen.

I'll be really busy this week, so posting will be light and sporadic. In other words, the opposite of an SNL Celebrity Jeopardy Trebek joke.

For now though, here's my attempt at a top 25. Please let me know if anything is out of whack because I spent less time on it this week than normal.

1. Ohio State

2. Alabama

3. TCU

4. Oregon

5. Nebraska

No change in the top five. OSU remains on top because I think dropping the hammer on Miami counts for slightly more than what Bama did against Arkansas. For now.

6. Boise State

7. Florida

8. Arizona

9. Stanford

10. Auburn

The Broncos had a nice win, but it was closer than the score indicated. I'll really believe in UF when they play that well against someone better than Kentucky, but it was promising. The rest is self-explanatory.

11. Oklahoma

12. Arkansas

13. Utah

14. LSU

15. South Carolina

I feel like Oklahoma is waiting for a fall like what happened to Texas. Either that, or Bob Stoops is trying to balance out last year's close losses with close wins. Arkansas doesn't fall much because dude, it was Alabama. Utah's hanging tough, LSU underwhelmed but still won (again), and South Carolina doesn't fall far because Auburn's now 10.

16. Wisconsin

17. Iowa

18. Miami (FL)

19. Nevada

20. Michigan

Wake me when Wisconsin plays someone good. Good one-loss teams followed by pinball-type undefeated teams.

21. Texas

22. NC State

23. Air Force

24. Florida State

25. Oregon State

Forgive me, but I think I ran out of rankable teams.