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Poll Watching: Still Holding On at Six

Cam Newton and Auburn are the biggest SEC risers in this week's polls.
Cam Newton and Auburn are the biggest SEC risers in this week's polls.

The SEC still has six teams comfortably in this week's mainstream polls after an exciting weekend of games. It's hard to ask for more than what you got out of Alabama-Arkansas and South Carolina-Auburn, and so the pollsters didn't really hammer anyone from in the league this week.

In the AP Poll, Alabama picked up four first place votes to end up with 57 of the 60. Florida rose two spots to seventh thanks to the Gators showing signs of life on offense, Oklahoma squeaking one out against a mediocre team again, and Texas's bad loss. Auburn rose up to tenth, giving the SEC three in the top ten for the first time this season. LSU isn't far off at 12. Arkansas slipped from 10th to 15th and South Carolina fell from 12th to 19th in the wake of their losses.

In the Coaches' Poll, Alabama likewise has 57 first place votes, having picked up a pair over the weekend. Florida is up one spot to seventh here as well. LSU makes 10th in the eyes of the coaches, but Auburn is right behind in 11th. Arkansas ended up at 15th here as well, while South Carolina plummeted to 22nd. The 2-2 Mississippi State Bulldogs somehow picked up seven points after beating Georgia, though it's worth noting that their two losses were to lofty opponents Auburn and LSU.