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Sprints Is Trying to Slow Down Marcus Lattimore. Or Not // 09.24.10

Can Auburn shut down Lattimore?
Jerry makes the case that the Tigers can at least slow down the freshman sensation, or that there are some reasons to believe that they can. Summed up: Auburn does better against power backs like Marcus Lattimore than against speed backs, meaning Stephen Garcia will have to pick up the load.

My only counterpoint would be that South Carolina has other running options and that Steve Spurrier has at least said that the Gamecocks have some more spread-style runs this year; if Auburn does as well as Jerry thinks they will, we might see if there's anything to back up that talk.

Upsets? Sort of
Over at SB Nation, the case for upsets of Alabama and South Carolina, one of whom is facing another Top 10 team and the other of whom is facing another Top 20 team. But I guess those still technically count as upsets. In fairness, I'd view an Arkansas win as something of an upset, but not so much an Auburn victory. (E-mail HT: Mayor)

Kentucky loses blind-side guard for game against Florida
Stuart Hines, the left guard for the Kentucky Wildcats, will not play. Which is just great news for Kentucky, seeing as how defense is the only thing at which Florida looks incredibly competent right now.

Is that like 'certainly maybe'?
Nick Saban says Alabama will play Michigan in Jerry Jones' Megadome in 2012. Maybe. Book it.

"It hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re going to play Michigan in Dallas probably for sure," Saban said.

It's unclear what "probably for sure" means -- does that mean it's likely for sure, or certainly probable? -- but Saban also doesn't have a history of wandering off the reservation on things like this, so odds are that the game will happen.


'Time to play'?
Death-threat text messenger Chris Rainey will eventually be eligible to return to the field for Florida, if you read between the lines of Urban Meyer's latest statement. The question is whether he actually will return.

"I’m not even thinking about that," Meyer said. "I’m letting everything be handled. At some point we’ll have to address it. That point’s not now."

Of course, there would be no need "to address it" if Rainey was off the team forever. Stay tuned.

Rare opportunity for Calipari faces report this afternoon
We will soon know whether John Calipari will have a chance to get a season vacated for a third team. The Birmingham City Schools report on Eric Bledsoe's grades will be released around 4 p.m.

Um, coach, Reggie Bush never signed anything
Kentucky head coach and noted humanitarian John Calipari says he's not sure that Enes Kanter will be ruled an amateur but -- surprise! -- Calipari thinks he should be.

Well, in my mind, the kid's an amateur. He never signed anything. How they rule that thing, you have no idea. I don't anyway.

Yes, because signing something is the ultimate indicator of whether you actually got paid.