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Poll Watching: History In the Coaches' Poll

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Normally I begin with the AP Poll, but the Coaches' Poll gets top billing this week. Why? Because for the first time since the conference expanded, the SEC has six teams in the top 15 of the poll.

Alabama and Ohio State are still cruising at No. 1 and No. 2, though the Buckeyes lost a first place vote to Nebraska. That last part is weird until you look up that Steve Sarkisian is a voter. Florida dropped a spot from seven to eight as the Huskers passed the Gators up. Arkansas passed up LSU (and both passed up the fallen Iowa) as the Razorbacks found themselves in 11 and LSU in 12. Auburn and South Carolina both advanced a spot to 14 and 15, again thanks to the falling Hawkeyes.

Over in the AP, the SEC had six in the top 16 last week but six in the top 17 this week. Auburn on the low end fell from 16 to 17 as Stanford passed the Tigers up. Alabama's still holding firm at the top, and Florida advanced a spot to No. 9 as Iowa fell. Arkansas jumped Wisconsin to 10, but South Carolina (12) did not. LSU held fast in 15th as Iowa fell below it but Arizona jumped above it. Georgia did not get any votes in either poll, showing that voters are always unforgiving to teams that lose to teams ranked above them.