NCAA Still Dragging Its Feet On South Carolina Ruling


Linked here is Travis Haney's Twitter feed, as he is working like a mad man to find out what's going on in Columbia. The NCAA told the school a final ruling on all the players in trouble would come by 5:00 PM, but that deadline sailed by without any firm word. Go read his stuff for up-to-the-second details. Apparently the NCAA gave Georgia that 5:00 deadline for final word on A.J. Green but again, it missed that with nary a peep. It's not as big a deal for UGA or Alabama (still waiting on Marcell Dareus) because they don't play until Saturday. The Gamecocks? Kick off is in, oh, 45 minutes or so. UPDATE The latest word is that all but Chris Culliver and Jarriel King will play. King is involved with the Whitney Hotel mess; Culliver is out for some non-hotel, non-agent related reason. Weslye Saunders, as you'll remember, was already suspended for lying to coaches and hasn't been set to play tonight for weeks. UPDATE 2 South Carolina has confirmed. Only King and Culliver will miss tonight's game of those who had been in question.