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Topics for Discussion // 9.19.10

How good is Alabama, really? The Tide annihilated Duke 62-13 in a game that wasn't even as close as the score indicated. (Alabama could have scored 100, if Nick Saban were so inclined.) All the nightmare scenarios for Alabama this year included issues with the relatively inexperienced defense; we can go ahead and cross those off the list. Is it possible that this team is not just better than last year's Tide, but the best team Nick Saban has ever fielded?

Alabama vs. Arkansas: Who do you have? Maybe the better question would be, how much of a chance do you think Arkansas has in that game? There were some good defensive plays in the game Saturday against Georgia, but things were hardly consistent, and certainly not as consistent as the defense will have to be to defeat Alabama. Then again, maybe Arkansas isn't the team Alabama needs to worry about the most. Anybody see Auburn play Saturday?

And the favorite in the SEC East is ... who, exactly? Florida didn't look particularly good against Tennessee, but Urban Meyer-era Florida rarely looks particularly good against Tennessee. Meanwhile, South Carolina didn't look all that great against Furman, but South Carolina never looks all that great against in-state FCS programs. Is it ridiculous to think that next week's game between Kentucky and Florida might tell us who the front-runner is -- and that it might not be Florida? Or is it too soon to write off Georgia even with two SEC losses already?

What do you make of 2010 Georgia? Your humble correspondent predicted a 1-2 start for Georgia, but the Dawgs have at times looked worse than I expected. Then again, at times they've looked better than a 1-2 team. Any talk of a hot seat for Mark Richt is still just a shade or two on the right side of insane. But it might not be too soon to start wondering whether this is going to be a successful season in Athens.

Just how bad is Mississippi? The Fightin' Ackbars have now lost to Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt despite recruiting Jeremiah Masoli. Is it possible that Houston Nutt could be on the hot seat even after winning 18 games in the last two seasons? Aside from a home game against Louisiana-Lafayette, please name one game you think is a safe win for the Rebels. Could Ole Miss actually have a 2-10 or 1-11 record when the year is done?