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NCAA Denies A.J. Green Appeal

Georgia will go into a potential shutout shootout without one of its main offensive weapons: The NCAA has turned down A.J. Green's appeal of his four-game suspension, meaning he will not return until the Oct. 2 game against Colorado.

You know the main details of the case: Selling Independence Bowl jersey for $1,000 to an agent-like person, even though no one should ever spend anything close to $1,000 for an Independence Bowl jersey. Georgia "sources" said the agent-like person mislead Green about his profession.

Mark Richt, your thoughts?

Our concentration is the same as the last two weeks, which is preparing for the next game. We’ll look forward to A.J.’s return for the Colorado game on Oct. 2.

None of which, of course, solves the problem of Georgia facing Arkansas on Saturday with the same offense that looked capable but far from great in its first game against SEC competition last week. But for those of who would like to focus on football for a while, it's one step closer to closing the book on AgentGate.