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SEC Power Poll 2010, Week 2: Separation


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 192 (16)
2. South Carolina Gamecocks, 169.5
3. Florida Gators, 146
4. Auburn Tigers, 134
5. Arkansas Razorbacks, 133
6. LSU Tigers, 124.5
7. Georgia Bulldogs, 97
8. Kentucky Wildcats, 84.5
9. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 64
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 51.5
11. Vanderbilt Commodores, 26.5
12. Mississippi Rebels, 25.5

First of all, apologies for the lateness this week. As with everything else on my part -- and it's a long story -- it will all be back to normal next week.

As for the poll itself: It's Alabama, South Carolina, everyone else, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss. To give you an idea -- the point difference between South Carolina and Florida is larger than the difference between Florida and LSU. And with the exception of the gap between LSU and Georgia, there's not really a dramatic fall-off between any positions from Florida until you get to Vanderbilt, which is only slightly more than half of Tennessee's score. Meanwhile, Vanderbilt is very close to reclaiming its birthright as the worst team in the SEC.



A while back, some people laughed when I said I didn't think Bama's defense would fall of that much despite losing nine starters. It seems like people are laughing a lot less these days.--Hey Jenny Slater

I'll admit, I'm wondering if my "pssh, whatever, Penn State was hot garbage and the Nits still could have put up 17 on them" response is rational thinking or just my brain's self-defense mechanism against the possibility of another undefeated LOOK AT THAT BIRD OUTSIDE THE WINDOW! WOW! IT'S A BIRD!--War Blog Eagle

My thanks go out to the Tide for exacting the South's long overdue revenge on Joe Paterno for the role he played as a corporal under Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain on the second day at Gettysburg.--Dawg Sports


I'm a believer. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the road to the East title looks like it goes through Columbia.--And The Valley Shook

I will handsomely reward anyone who can produce an authentic Whitney Hotel bill with Marcus Lattimore's name on it.--Hey Jenny Slater

Somewhere, Marcus Lattimore is still running.--Arkansas Expats


On the bright side, they lead the conference in players sending death threats via text message.--Arkansas Expats

Watching USF trying to dig themselves out of the hole B.J. Daniels' passes dug for them by having B.J. Daniels pass reminded me of those credit card counseling service advertisements, for some weird reason. I'd take Carolina over the Gators if they played tomorrow; good thing for Gators they don't play until Week 10.--War Blog Eagle

The Gators monkeyed around for two games in which they barely managed to get a center-quarterback exchange right, yet they outscored that pair of opponents 72-26. Imagine what they could do if they paid attention and played well for four quarters.--Dawg Sports


It wasn't pretty and Mississippi State has some obvious shortcomings on offense, but an SEC road win is never anything to sneer at.--Get the Picture

Not all that impressive against MSU, but Clemson game this weekend will prove the kind of team Auburn is.--Over the Pylon

Al Borges. Tony Franklin. Gus Malzahn. Is the so-called Loveliest Village where offensive coordinators' careers go to die?--Dawg Sports


Hogs 2, Cupcakes 0.--Get the Picture

Just like we all predicted, the defense and special teams are carrying the offense so far this year.--Arkansas Expats

We will know so much more about this team after they play Between the Hedges. (UGA fans, do we capitalize that?)--Red Cup Rebellion


Michigan is the only other team in the country with two wins over BCS conference teams (plus Notre Dame).  Maybe they found their identity in Nashville, or maybe it's just another mirage.--And The Valley Shook

South Carolina wasn't the only team that found a star running back on Saturday, but the Bayou Bengals still might be the sloppiest 2-0 team in Division I-A.--Hey Jenny Slater

I think we're all gonna learn just how unimpressive the UNC and Vandy wins actually are soon enough.--Red Cup Rebellion


What? The defense hasn't COMPLETELY figured out the transition to a 3-4 yet? OMG FAIL WE SUCK FIRE EVERYBODY!!!1!1!!11!! (Except Aaron Murray, he was kind of good, actually.)--Hey Jenny Slater

They really missed A.J. Green against South Carolina. They also missed their entire defense.--For Whom The Cowbell Tolls

Conventional wisdom before week one:  is the team good enough to work around the learning curve of a redshirt freshman quarterback?  Conventional wisdom after week two:  is the team good enough to compliment the talents of its redshirt freshman quarterback?--Get the Picture


Assuming UK beats Akron this weekend and Charleston Southern later this season, the Wildcats only need to go 2-6 in the SEC for bowl eligibility. Aim high, Cats.--Alligator Army

I know we haven't played anyone of note yet, but we have Akron this weekend! They're good right? Fine... continue to rank us low.--Over the Pylon

Derrick Locke on any other team is a superstar but this is not UK basketball.--Leftover Hot Dog


The Western Dawgs gave Auburn a tough game, but they fell short of the upset. I still think this is a team on the rise.--Garnet And Black Attack

If they had a quarterback who could throw and receivers who could catch, they would be a terrific team. --And The Valley Shook

The Western Division Bulldogs don't have -- or, perhaps, don't yet have -- the horses to field an upper-echelon team, but recent trends in Gainesville and in Starkville suggest that Dan Mullen was as critical to Urban Meyer's success as Erk Russell was to Vince Dooley's.--Dawg Sports


If the rest of the SEC wasn't afraid of Tauren Poole before, they should be now. But that might be the only guy on the Vols' offense they should feel that way about.--Hey Jenny Slater

They just weren't ready to compete with Pac-10 speed.--Arkansas Expats

Blame Lane.--Leftover Hot Dog


It's an open question whether LSU's defense is that good or Vandy's offense is that bad.  Commodore fans hope it's the former because that was a pitiful display.--And The Valley Shook

Players were distracted by final exams looming in December.--Arkansas Expats

No truth to the rumor Vandy has hired Tony Franklin circa 2008 to run their offense.--War Blog Eagle


Why was Ole Miss playing on the road against Tulane? At any rate, they didn't exactly dominate, but at least they didn't lose again.--Garnet And Black Attack

The best thing the Rebels have going for them is their sense of humor. (Well, everyone but the sorority chicks and Bama Bangs frat bros.) By the way, the Vandy game is a trap!--Alligator Army

No, Rebels, a 14-point victory over Tulane featuring the same second-half issues that spelled doom against Jacksonville State is not enough to get you out of the cellar.--War Blog Eagle