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A.J. Green's Appeal to be Heard Friday

Mark Richt said yesterday that, as far as he knew, A.J. Green's suspension appeal would be heard this morning. It apparently didn't happen.

Now, Mark Schlabach is reporting that the appeal will happen on Friday. It's looking like Green's will be yet another down-to-the-wire decision on a player's eligibility, after we went through similar things in Week 1 regarding Jeremiah Masoli and players from South Carolina and UNC.

Also, the upstanding citizen who bought Green's jersey is also in trouble for other reasons. It happens that Chris Hawkins was arrested last year for cocaine trafficking and marijuana possession after the police found the drugs in a U-Haul he'd been driving. His alibi is that he was simply moving furniture that Willie Parker had bought from a condo in Miami as a favor, and he hadn't inspected the contents of the vehicle before setting off. Both Hawkins and Parker played football at UNC.