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Weslye Saunders is Dismissed from South Carolina's Team

First reported by Tony Morrell and since corroborated by others, Weslye Saunders has been kicked off of South Carolina's football team. Travis Haney adds that there was no final straw, just a matter of timing.

You may remember that Saunders originally got himself in trouble over the infamous Marvin Austin/agent-fueled South Beach party. He later used the NCAA investigation of that as a lame (and easily refuted by SC's compliance staff) excuse for missing team meetings. We later found out that he was one of the Whitney Hotel residents who had gotten his affairs out of order there.

Any one of these things alone, and Saunders might still be on the team. But, being involved in two NCAA investigations plus lying to the coach is a big thing to overcome. Saunders' actions suggest that he's already mentally checked out of college football, and so South Carolina has allowed him to ignore it entirely from here on out. He will stay on scholarship to finish out his degree, but his playing days are over.