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Behind the Scenes of Jeremiah Masoli's Path From Oregon to Ole Miss

Kyle Veazy of the Clarion-Ledger did some great reporting on documents he obtained regarding Jeremiah Masoli's journey from the Rose Bowl to Oxford. We still don't know the full truth for sure, but that's part of what makes his story great.

It seems that Masoli and Oregon dispute the timeline of events that led to his departure. Masoli says he was no longer "comfortable" at Oregon in March, and that he decided to transfer without a destination in mind in May. He says he told Ducks coach Chip Kelly about his desire to leave, and that Kelly agreed to release him. He received that release on June 8, the day before Oregon announced that he was kicked off of the team. He was surprised by the announcement, as he contends that he and Kelly had already agreed before the announcement that he was going to transfer.

Oregon says that it didn't quite go down that way. It says that Masoli violated the terms of his suspension on May 20, but thanks to Kelly's goodwill trip to military bases in the Middle East from Mat 21-31, they could not meet until later. At the June 8 meeting, Oregon contends that Kelly kicked him off the team and that it emailed him his release later that day.

It makes me wonder just what went down at that June 8 meeting. It sounds like it might have been one of those Hollywood-style shouting matches where the boss says, "You're fired!" but the emplyee says, "You can't fire me because I quit!" If only there was a transcript or something.

By the way, Masoli told the NCAA that he chose Ole Miss for its graduate parks and recreation management degree because it "would allow me to pursue a professional career, in one of the many National or State parks located in my home state of California." I guess we can look forward to seeing Park Ranger Masoli after he goes undrafted next spring.