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More Details Emerge on Rainey

The slow leak of information about Chris Rainey's arrest has revealed some more details on what happened last night.

Rainey's sometime girlfriend missed a call from him because she fell asleep. Rainey then went to go see her and after "they talked," according to the Tampa Tribune's reporting, she asked him to leave. He then sent the text, after which she called the police.

She says she never feared for her safety, never intended for Rainey to be arrested, and only called the police to calm things down. She asked the judge to release Rainey without bail and signed papers indicating that she didn't want to press charges.

The situation doesn't sound as bad now as it did this morning, but the level of stupid it's on hasn't changed. Of course, just because she's not pressing charges, it doesn't mean the state of Florida won't. Gainesville State Attorney Bill Cervone says that he "will look at the case and the circumstances involved and make a decision as to what charges, if any, are appropriate to pursue as quickly as possible, but no decision is going to be made this week."

Given Urban Meyer's past actions when it comes to arrested players, we can expect Rainey to be suspended indefinitely if he's not kicked from the team altogether. 


Florida OC Steve Addazio: "Chris Rainey is not a part of our team right now."less than a minute ago via Duo for iPhone


This pretty well speaks for itself. Rainey has been kicked off the team.