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Marvin Austin Suspended Indefinitely

North Carolina has suspended star DT Marvin Austin indefinitely for "violating team rules." That rationale is an understatement, to say the least. Austin has been the central figure in the NCAA's agent-related investigation into the UNC program, and he's been a person of interest in the new academics-related inquiries as well.

LSU is still waiting to hear just how much of the North Carolina team will be left for this weekend's tilt with the Tar Heels in Atlanta. Austin's suspension by the school is only a small piece of the puzzle. Several other key players have been involved in the investigations as well, and the NCAA has yet to make a ruling on any of them (Austin included). Given that the case is so extensive and serious, the NCAA might not make its final ruling on them by this weekend.

That puts more of a burden on Butch Davis to make tough decisions about who will play and who won't. If none of the guys in jeopardy go against the Tigers, UNC has little chance to win the game. However, if any of them play and are later ruled ineligible, a potential win over LSU would almost certainly end up vacated by the NCAA.

LSU and North Carolina kick off this Saturday at 8:00 PM Eastern on ABC, capping a long day of SEC football.