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Complete SEC Football Week 1 TV Schedule

SEC Football begins tomorrow. Tomorrow! It can't get here soon enough. Here's the entire rundown of games and where you can find them. All of them can be streamed through ESPN3 if you're fortunate to be on an ISP that carries it, with the possible exception of LSU-UNC. That one I'm not sure about.


Southern Miss at South Carolina, 7:30 PM Eastern, ESPN


Miami (OH) at Florida, 12:00 PM Eastern, ESPN

UL-Lafayette at Georgia, 12:21 PM Eastern, SEC Network

Kentucky at Louisville, 3:30 PM Eastern, ABC

Jacksonville State at Ole Miss, 3:30 PM Eastern, CSS

UT-Martin at Tennessee, 6:00 PM Eastern, PPV

Arkansas State at Auburn, 7:00 PM Eastern, FSN South

San Jose State at Alabama, 7:00 PM Eastern, PPV

Tennessee Tech at Arkansas, 7:00 PM Eastern, PPV

Memphis at Mississippi State, 7:00 PM Eastern, ESPNU

Northwestern at Vanderbilt, 7:30 PM Eastern, CSS

LSU vs. North Carolina, 8:00 PM Eastern, ABC