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Nike Pro Combat 2010 Uniforms Revealed

Nike has issued its Pro Combat uniforms for 2010. Like ESPN, it's a corporate behemoth that wields a lot of power in college football, so we have to put up with stuff like this.

The rumors were true about Alabama though: there is houndstooth.


Image credit: Nike.

Florida's new threads are mostly boring, and if you glance at the images of them, they kind of look like Clemson uniforms because the blue almost looks like purple on top of the dark background. Alligator skin is the theme of the year once again:


Image credit: Nike.

I have to say, the rest of them are pretty bad. Boise State's are mostly gray for some reason, Miami's look almost exactly like Florida A&M uniforms, Ohio State's (which are supposed to honor the 1942 national title team) look like old San Francisco 49ers jerseys, TCU's are markedly worse than last year's, and Virginia Tech's in-number detailing is a disaster.


Florida's uniforms will be used against Georgia this fall, after last year's set was used versus Florida State.

Alabama's uniforms will be used against Mississippi State, after last year's set was used against Auburn pro combat gloves were used against Texas.