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Sprints Is Not Applying for the Georgia Athletics Director Job // 08.06.10

The frontrunner applies
Greg McGarity has put his name in the running for Georgia athletics director.

"I have been very fortunate to work alongside the very best in collegiate athletics at two outstanding institutions, the University of Georgia and the University of Florida, over the last three decades," McGarity wrote. "I know what it takes to lead and direct an athletic program at the highest level, and am ready to lead the University of Georgia Athletic Association into the future."

Of course, he's not the only one -- according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there are 49 names including McGarity's, NFL executives and various other people with ties to Athens. The athletics directors at Troy and Grambling have also applied. Hey, at least the Grambling guy wouldn't have to get used to a new logo.

No word on his favorite beverage.

Aside from the application, he's not saying much
McGarity decided not to add anything when he was called by the media.

"There’s nothing to say. I’m just letting the process run it’s course," McGarity said. "I’d rather not make a comment …I have submitted my information and we’ll just see what happens."

Which is about what you would expect. After all, he's still employed by Florida until further notice.

Colorado administrators obviously use their anniversaries for their alarm codes
There's a special ticket offer for the 1990 national title team, and you'd never guess what it is. It's "1990." Shhh. It's a secret. Well, it was, until some Georgia fans found out about the code and that it would get them tickets to the game without having to buy a three-pack.

Colorado has canceled the tickets, but not before looking completely ridiculous and shining a light on the kind of practice that probably shouldn't be allowed in an amateur sport. The NCAA is not cool with attending a recruit's funeral -- but charging students and other fans for tickets you know they don't want or need is fine.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Rainey
And enjoy the Florida wide receiver's comments while you can, because he will never speak to the media again if Urban Meyer has anything to say about it.

"I guess we got rid of the prima donnas," Rainey said. "All the selfish cats. That's probably it right there. Guys who were worried about themselves or worried about trying to get to the NFL."

Heaven forbid players should be selfish enough to win 13 of 14 games. And Florida players and fans should be glad to "get rid of the prima donnas," because who wants to win 26 of 28 games, two divisional titles, an SEC title and a national championship?

My only question is this: What was Rainey's problem with those accomplishments?

T.J. Lawrence no longer at Florida
Other personnel shuffles as well in Gainesville.

Raymond Cotton joins South Alabama
It's official.

Actually, I think we're safe
I read some commentary suggesting that the new ESPN lineup would have Mike Patrick and Craig James working night SEC games, but that's not how I read this. This lists Patrick and James (along with one of the sideline reporters) as announcers on ABC on Saturday afternoons -- which will not be an SEC game because CBS holds the broadcast rights to SEC games. (The only exception might be an SEC team's game in a Big East or ACC venue, for example.)

A boring and stodgy city for a boring and stodgy conference
The first Big Ten Championship Game will be held in Indianapolis, famous for ... well, now, for being host to the first Big Ten Championship Game.

Guess whose former program broke the rules on training?
Yes, it was Rich Rodriguez's West Virginia. How'd you guess?

"I regret any mistakes that were made or rules that were misinterpreted. Any errors certainly weren't made intentionally. I openly discussed my past practices with NCAA investigators and will continue to cooperate fully during this process."

In fact, he regretted those mistakes so much that he made them again when he got to Michigan.

They could just wait until they join the Big East in five years
Kansas is rewriting its fight song to take out the names of schools that they won't face as often post-realignment.