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BYU Goes Independent, Abandoning Sanity for No Apparent Reason

Well, here we go:

Brigham Young University is going independent in football and will place most of its other sports in the West Coast Conference, BYU and the WCC announced Tuesday afternoon.

Some advice to those who looking for scholarships in softball, swimming, driving, track and field: Your sports are not among "most of its other sports," since those events are not sponsored by the WCC. So take that into consideration.

The immediate impact on the SEC is minimal, of course, though any ideas of taking Houston in an expansion to 14 or 16 teams is probably dead now. (Honestly, this was unlikely to begin with and probably should be.) Expectations are that Utah State and Houston would now move to the Mountain West, which would allow the league to hold a championship game but would not put the league in the BCS.

Nor will BYU make it to the championship series, not if there's any justice in the world. Notre Dame hasn't done anything in the last decade or two to earn its spot in the BCS, and BYU is no Notre Dame, no matter what it might think.

[BCS Executive Director Bill] Hancock declined to speculate how the BCS will treat BYU, but personally does not believe it will receive Notre Dame-like status.

So BYU has thrown a temper tantrum, worsened its lot in football and all but destroyed some of its other programs for no real purpose other than a few million dollars that won't make much difference when they still can't get into the major bowls.

Good job there.