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Mark Ingram Has Surgery, Will Miss SJSU Game

Reigning Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram had arthroscopic surgery on his knee today, putting him on the bench for Saturday's opener against San Jose State. Obviously, that makes no difference. Alabama is still going to stomp the Spartans.

But what about the future? Arthroscopic surgery is a term than can encompass many difference procedures. As you might imagine, the Alabama Ministry of Information didn't provide too many details on what specific procedure Ingram underwent this morning. However, Nick Saban labeled it as a minor surgery in response to an injury from Monday's practice, and said Ingram should make a "full recovery" in "a relatively short time frame."

For mere mortals, minor arthroscopic surgery would put a person on the sidelines for a few weeks. According to Saban, Ingram is out this week and on "a week to week basis" after that. Athletes in peak physical condition often recover faster than you or I do, so that's probably a reasonable time frame.

If Alabama is hoping to get any clues about the defense that second week opponent Penn State is sporting this year, it won't get many. The Nittany Lions open with Youngstown State. Missing one week won't significantly hurt Ingram's chances at repeating as Heisman winner, but missing more than that does. I guess if Ingram doesn't recover in a week and half, we'll all find out pretty quickly just how good the sophomore edition of Trent Richardson really is.


Roll Bama Roll managed to get a quote from sports injury expert Will Carroll. Go there for the full information, but Carroll estimates a 2-4 week recovery time table, though keep in mind that Carroll knows as much about what exactly happened in Ingram's knee as we do. Which is to say, nothing.