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Kicking Off Ups and Downs With a Look at Dates, Names and History


A look at who's going which way in college football

Takeup_medium THE CALENDAR
Football is almost here -- all we have to do is make it to Thursday.

Takeup_medium OKLAHOMA
Sooners are a trendy pick to lose another BCS game. If only they could play Boise State in the national title game. Where's that being held this year?

Takeup_medium STATUS QUO
Aside from the Big XII, most of the defending champions in the Big Five conferences (AQ minus Big East) are favored to repeat: Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon and ... well, who knows in the ACC? At this point, it could be Butch Davis' tutor.

Takedown_medium ESPN
Do we really need a reason? Okay. But we'll give you one anyway. If they're going to create another hour of Gameday to showcase Erin Andrews, couldn't they put it on a channel that people actually watch?

Takedown_medium WESLYE SAUNDERS
At this point, even if he's cleared, he comes out looking worse than he could have if he handled this correctly. But he's starting to look like he has a real future in reality television.

Takedown_medium SEASON PREVIEWS
Football season is here. All of these -- including ours -- are going to be completely irrelevant in the course of a few days. And we wouldn't have it any other way.