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ESPN College GameDay 2010 Preseason Predictions

Today was ESPN College GameDay's preseason preview show, and here are the predictions that the guys made. Just filing this away in case it's needed later.

First Things First

Lee Corso looked and sounded a lot better than he did a season ago. He seems completely recovered from his stroke now, and good on him. Here's to good health for the coach.

National Championship Game

Desmond Howard: Alabama over Miami (FL)

Lee Corso: Nebraska over Florida ("just like 1995")

Kirk Herbstreit: Ohio State over Oklahoma


Howard: Alabama (over Georgia)

Corso: Florida (over Alabama)

Herbstreit: Florida (over Auburn)


Howard: Miami (FL)

Corso: Virginia Tech

Herbstreit: Miami (FL) over Boston College

Big 12

Howard: Nebraska (over Oklahoma)

Corso: Nebraska

Herbstreit: Oklahoma (over Nebraska)

Big East

Howard: Pittsburgh

Corso: Pittsburgh

Herbstreit: UConn

Big Ten

Howard: Wisconsin

Corso: Iowa

Herbstreit: Ohio State


Howard: Oregon

Corso: USC (with Oregon to Rose Bowl)

Herbstreit: Stanford

Heisman Trophy

Howard: Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams

Herbstreit: Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray

Corso: Oklahoma QB Landry Jones

Boise State's National Title Hopes

Corso and Howard believe that an undefeated Boise State team will not make the national title game if there are at least two Big Six conference champions with one loss. Chris Fowler and Herbstreit were skeptical of that happening, but declined to make a firm prediction.