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Washaun Ealey Suspended at Least One Game

As I suspected would happen, Mark Richt has suspended Washaun Ealey at least one game for his arrest from last night.

Richt knew about Ealey's suspended license and had told him not to drive. Ealey then drove his car into a truck in a parking garage at 3:19 AM. Let's go ahead and mark Ealey out for that first game as "Injured (sprained cerebellum)." It's difficult to make a more easily avoided dumb move than that one.

Depending on how he reacts to the internal discipline, Ealey could return for the Bulldogs' second game. UGA starts with Louisiana-Lafayette before traveling to Columbia to face South Carolina a week later. Carlton Thomas slides into the second string spot behind Caleb King at tailback for now.