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Sprints Missed Practice to Celebrate Steele-mas // 08.25.10

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Let the data download commence.

Last night was the annual EDSBS Live episode where Phil Steele comes on as a guest to blow your mind wide open. I think he took maybe four breaths the whole time.

This would be an actual excuse for missing team events.

While Weslye Saunders used a phantom NCAA inquiry as a reason to blow off team meetings, three Gamecocks legitimately missed all or part of practice while getting grilled about their Whitney Hotel arrangements. Starting DT Ladi Ajiboye missed part of practice, while DBs Akeem Auguste and C.C. Whitlock didn't manage to make it at all. I guess the NCAA isn't terribly forgiving about moving things around to accommodate practice.

No one at South Carolina seems to know what happened at the hotel, where players have stayed legitimately without breaking NCAA rules before. You'd think the hotel could just produce some receipts to show the players' rates and have this settled in an afternoon, but no one moves slower than NCAA at anything.

The most important piece of celluloid of our lifetime.

The documentary Nick Saban: Gamechanger premiered in Birmingham last night. While his wife and a cardboard cutout of him were present, Saban apparently had better things to do with his time. Roll Bama Roll will have a review up later this morning. Just eyeballing it though, the cutout looks a bit taller than life, no?

Open it up.

It sounds as though one cause of LSU's offensive malaise of a year ago was that Gary Crowton was scarred by all of Jarrett Lee's pick sixes in 2008. I can't say I blame him too much for that. Crowton's going to give Jefferson some more leash this fall, so let's see if that makes a difference. Because it won't if the offensive line play doesn't improve.

It's all a part of the pl-- wait, wrong school.

Having seen its arch rival work on its stadium a lot over the past few years, Auburn wants you to know that there is a master plan for improving Jordan-Hare Stadium too. They just can't execute it right now. Something about "winning more games like the pre-2008 years to attract more fans." Along those lines.

Meanwhile, don't ask about who the backup quarterback behind Cameron Newton is. Either no one knows, or no one is telling.

Tell us how you really feel, Mike.

Apparently, the hype about Florida's freshman class made it all the way to the members of it. Mike Pouncey, would you care to take this one?

"That whole recruiting class is cocky."

Well, that's better than them being shrinking violets, I suppose.

Practice makes perfect.

Few schools have more a more intricate game day than Tennessee does. To make sure everyone's on the same page and doesn't miss a thing, Derek Dooley and the Dominoes his players will be doing a dry run of the entire Saturday experience. Dooley jokingly mentioned getting the media to form the power T on the field for the players to run through, but I have a better idea. If he would just scrape together the loose change from his couch to buy a couple dozen pizzas, he'll have at least 80% of the marching band there. Throw in plenty of drinks, and they might even show in uniform.

This really sucks.

We should get some word this afternoon about the status of Warren Norman's swollen knee as he has an MRI scheduled for today. For as much as Vanderbilt has gone through, losing Norman would just be unfair.

Courtesy of Mr. Staples.

More red meat for you SEC supremacists. And by that I mean us SEC supremacists.

Repect, yo.

I can't stand Notre Dame, but I have to give Brian Kelly some props for this one. He's asked some folks at NBC to make commercial breaks quicker and less numerous because he's a believer in an uptempo offense. Someone from the league office needs to get on the horn with CBS about this, because if no one does, four-minute commercial breaks can't be too far off the horizon.