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SEC Inter-Divisional Play: Perfect and Winless Records

To wrap this series up, let's take a look at the seasons with goose eggs. That's both in the loss column and in the win column.



Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee lead in this category by having five perfect seasons apiece. Florida and Auburn aren't too far behind. Only South Carolina and Vanderbilt have not gone a perfect 3-0 versus the opposite division.

Now for this purpose, I was only looking for perfect 3-0 records. If you're simply worried about records with no losses, then add one to the counts for Alabama, Auburn, and Tennessee as each had a 2-0-1 season before ties were put to rest by the NCAA for the 1996 season.

Now on to winless seasons. In the following graph, each dashed line represents a unit of three instead of one. You'll see why.



Poor Vanderbilt.

Only Alabama and Florida have avoided being shut out by the opposite division, and Auburn, Ole Miss, and Tennessee are right there behind them. In fact, Tennessee picked up its first winless season against the SEC West just last year. It's another little present that Lane Kiffin left behind in Knoxville. As for Arkansas, I still don't know if I can fully explain its troubles against the East.

Again, for this one I was only looking for 0-3 records. If you're being pedantic, add another one for LSU as the Tigers went 0-2-1 in 1995.

Overall, there have been 38 winless inter-division records compared to only 30 perfect inter-division records. Given how tough the conference is, I can't say that's a big surprise.