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Sprints Wonders If BYU Football Is Really Going Independent // 08.18.10

UPDATE 10:30 AM by Year2

Bruce Feldman is citing a MWC source who claims that Colorado State's Twitter feed was hacked and that they "can't log back in." It's plausible at least, and a convenient excuse if someone in the athletics department got a little hasty with breaking the news.

And the Great Conference Realignment of 2010 begins anew
If you're looking for the latest in rumors regarding a certain school in the West leaving a certain conference, go elsewhere. No, sir, we learned our lesson during the conference realignment wars earlier this summer -- unless it's from an official source of some sort, ignore it.

I'm sorry -- Colorado State University's official Twitter account, you had something you wanted to say?

BYU to go independent in football in 2011. Cougars will join the WAC for all other sports. Press conference scheduled for Thursday.less than a minute ago via mobile web


Oh. Well then. I guess that changes things.

The Salt Lake Tribune -- which, being in the same city and all, would likely know something about this -- is willing to go no further than simply say "reports" have the Cougars bolting to the become Notre Dame West, only they would remain Mormons and have a much better football team. ESPN has BYU "mulling" the idea but needing more information.

According to multiple sources, BYU would have to get a gauge from the BCS if it could get access similar to that of Notre Dame -- should it meet certain criteria -- and further explore the financial feasibility of such a move.

Which would certainly be the prudent thing to do, and something they almost certainly would have figured out by now if the press conference is Thursday.

Jeremy at Mountain West Connection sees this as not entirely insane.

Getting anything close to that by getting off of the current Mountain West deal that includes little known stations as Versus, CBS College, and the Mtn will be worth that. The reason BYU could get away by being an independent is because of that on campus media center that can broadcast anything in HD for BYU-TV.

In Jeremy's defense, he is not entirely insane and still thinks it's a very risky move for BYU. BYU-TV, actually, is available on many digital cable packages and would likely give them just as big a reach as the Versus-CBSCS-Mtn. rotation does.

Meanwhile, Colorado State is already pushing TCU out the door. I think there might be some employment changes coming in the CSU social media department.

For the SEC, this raises the specter of the conference realignment game starting up again. BYU bolting would force TCU and Boise State to look for other options. Here's an idea: Would TCU petition the Big XII and the SEC to see which one would be more interested, and is Mike Slive that interested in getting a Texas market? Might it be worth it for the SEC to try to get TCU just to keep them out of the Big XII and try to make it easier to get Texas A&M in a few years?

Hey, we're going to be speculating like this at least until Thursday, and then maybe beyond. We might as well start doing so as quickly as possible.

UNC might not be ducking an SEC team in this case
Instead, it looks like Tennessee is the team that wants to get rid of the home-and-home with the Heels at any cost, with the replacement being national, er, powerhouse Buffalo. And, when we say "at any cost" ...

At the expense now of paying North Carolina $750,000 to break the deal with the Tar Heels, UT could host another date at Neyland Stadium worth around $3 million on average to play the Mid-American Conference team.

Of course, you're probably going to lose another $1 million or so for the guarantee game, so the Vols end up making $1.25 million when you subtract the buyout. All of this is pocket change for the Tennessee athletics department, especially when you factor in the lower fan interest and other losses that will come with not playing the series.

Tennessee fans are not happy about this
A brief excerpt from an upbraiding of the move by Hooper at Rocky Top Talk.

Look, I understand the 'gauntlet' argument. It's a tough stretch and Tennessee is not as deep as it once was. That doesn't matter. We agreed to the games. We made the schedule and the right thing to do is live up to it.

Really, I want just one person to tell me how Mike Hamilton is gainfully employed at this point. How much mileage do you get out of hiring Bruce Pearl?

Here's a suggestion: Play against South Carolina
UNC is now looking for a game for its 2011 schedule. They ducked out of a game against the Gamecocks this year, so why not? Then again, BYU might be in the market for some opponents.

Urban Meyer won't talk about GorkGate
Not that he seemed that up-to-date on it to begin with. (Which, why should he be?)

When reporters gave him a thorough explanation, Meyer responded: "It's really hot outside.''

Of course. It'll be much cooler when he gets to Jacksonville later this year.