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Sprints Agrees With Nick Saban on Making Sure Players Don't Skate // 08.13.10

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Nick Saban has another good idea on agents
This one -- which he floated after a call to try to coordinate an NCAA, NFL and NFLPA response to AgentGate -- actually deals with players who break the rules and then go to the NFL before the sanctions come down.

Maybe those consequences ought to carry over into their NFL career. Is it not conduct-detrimental if a player does the wrong thing in college and gets suspended for his senior season, just so he can play in the NFL? It hurts the NFL, it hurts college, it hurts the player, it hurts everybody, so why shouldn’t he get suspended for conduct detrimental?

All of which is true, and would finally mean that players like Reggie Bush wouldn't end up doing nothing more than crying into their millions of dollars. I'm not one of those who believes that schools shouldn't face sanctions for what happened at their program if the coaches or players have moved on; it did happen on the program's dime, after all. But the players and coaches still should face consequences. At the very least, this call is a start. We should also point out that Urban Meyer was on the call, as were Jim Tressel, Mack Brown and Bob Stoops.

Saunders talks to NCAA investigators
And that's about all we know, so we'll stop there.

Can we call them the 'Chapel Hill Six'?
We have a pretty definitive list of names of the players involved in Agentgate at UNC courtesy the N.C. Secretary of State and The News & Observer in Raleigh.

The N.C. Secretary of State’s office has asked sports agents registered in North Carolina to preserve all information regarding six Tar Heel football players.

In the letter sent to agents,  obtained by The N&O and dated July 23, the office of Elaine Marshall states: "The Department of the Secretary of State is requesting that you preserve all documents, tangible things and electronically stored information that you possess regarding the following individuals: Marvin Austin, Greg Little, Deunta Williams, Kendric Burney, Bruce Carter, and Quan Sturdivant."

There aren't really a lot of names on that list that should surprise anyone. But it gives us an idea of the scope of the investigation.

Then do so
I won't be overly impressed with Reggie Bush's supposed contrition as long as he's still saying things like this to Southern Cal Athletics Director Pat Haden:

"He told me, 'If I could turn the clock back, I would. If I could give the Heisman Trophy back, I would.' "

What's stopping you?


That didn't take long
Less than a month after he applied for the job, Greg McGarity has reportedly been hired as the new athletics director at Georgia. Which means he will be there to see how Mark Richt does on the hot seat. Paul Finebaum thinks this means Richt will be fired by the end of the year.

The Mayor outlines the challenges McGarity faces
Oddly, orchestrating the selection of the next Uga is not one of them.


Breaking new ground in HostessGate
Want to talk to Lacey Earps? Just log onto Facebook. You care (or maybe not) because Lacey Earps is one of the members of Orange Pride who gave her heart to a couple of Tennessee commitments and helped start an NCAA investigation.

Earps told the News Sentinel in a Facebook chat Wednesday that she wasn't the only Orange Pride member interviewed by National Collegiate Athletic Association representatives.

"Other members were interviewed as well," Earps wrote.

So now we can add "the Facebook interview" to Lane Kiffin, The New York Times and Andy Staples' pictures as a list of ways in which this story is different than any other NCAA investigation in recent memory.

Darren Myles Jr. pleads guilty
No jail time and some of the charges are dismissed. This is still all confusing to me.

Branden Smith back at Georgia
The academic issues have apparently been resolved.

Why are underdogs picking on Alabama right now?
After a San Jose State kicker gave the Tide bulletin board material they didn't need, now Bill Curry is getting in on the act.

"I watched [Star Jackson] play in Alabama's spring game, and in my view, he was the best quarterback."

Again, it probably doesn't make a difference when your goal is to lose by fewer than five TDs. But still ...

Thank goodness for Mississipi
So not only did Alabama make a mistake in spelling the name of its opponent, it misspelled the name of the state of that everyone makes fun of for not having the best education system in the world.

Doug Walker, associate athletic director for media relations, said the university designed and edited the tickets and is currently conducting an extensive review of that process.

I would think so.