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Sprints Thinks Tennessee Fans Will Regret Bryce Brown for a Long Time // 08.12.10

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Oh, this is going to get very interesting
It's hard to know what to select from ESPN's story on Bryce Brown vs. Tennessee, because there's a lot of good stuff for a short story.

NCAA investigators have asked to speak with running back Bryce Brown about the recruiting practices at Tennessee under Lane Kiffin, Arthur Brown, Bryce's father, said Wednesday.

And Arthur Brown says they'll cooperate soon now that they're done with the appeal of Derek Dooley's ridiculous refusal to grant Brown a release from his Tennessee scholarship.

"Bryce has tried to express why they should reverse the decision," Arthur Brown said. "We expressed how he has felt. We laid out a lot about our family's struggles with illnesses and stresses. I feel we made a good case for an overturn."

Either way, it looks like it will be a while before Tennessee and Bryce Brown are completely free of each other.

'More high-profile cases,' but that might not mean more cases
A couple of interesting things from a USA TODAY story on the Agentgate and other investigations. First, the number of major programs facing an inquiry?

"It's probably true," says David Price, the NCAA's vice president for enforcement services since 1998, "that we have more high-profile cases now than what we've had in awhile."

Second: A little bit more on just how long the NCAA has been waiting -- very patiently -- to see its agent work pay off.

The number tends to be cyclical, he says, though he attributes the recent surge in agent inquiries to a more than 10-year push in that area.

Which is probably why they annihilated Southern Cal, and why no one should be sure how far the NCAA will go if any of these guys played while ineligible.

NFL scouts are still welcome at Florida
No one else is per Urban Meyer's "paranoid Woody Hayes" imitation, but the scouts are allowed on campus.

Well, that's optimistic
You know, trash-talking from a quarterback or a wide receiver or a defensive player -- even when the other team is as strong a favorite as Alabama will be against San Jose State -- can be a nice touch for a game. From the kicker ...

"We're excited we get to go knock them around," said kicker Harrison Waid, a redshirt freshman from Fremont High in Sunnyvale. "If we can beat them we'll remember it for the rest of our lives no matter what else happens."

Waid is in some ways very lucky, as Nick Saban will most likely laugh instead of trying to draw any motivation from the quote. In the end, after all, it's still San Jose State.

Brian Cook: Michigan and Alabama will play
The mgoblog author insists the Death Star game between the Tide and the Wolverines is on its way.

My source re-iterates: it is happening, with all three parties set on an agreement and just waiting to announce it when everything gets dotted and crossed.

I have seen nothing that would lead me to believe this won't happen, but we'll see.

Bobby Johnson returns to Vanderbilt
But only for a day. And a 49-second interview.

Jacksonville to take up Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party contract
No real surprise.

Remember him? (I)
Nu'Keese Richardson is transferring again, from Hampton to a Kansas community college, apparently with an eye on returning to FBS. Yeah, that should turn out well.

Remember him? (II)
Chris Smelley, former South Carolina QB, is leaving the Alabama baseball team.

Mississippi flag attacked by ... Southern, um, interlopers?
The SEC is not apparently thrilled with the idea of holding its baseball championship in a state with the Confederate battle emblem in its flag.

"It would not be a 100 percent deal breaker on any kind of bid that Jackson may submit. However, it would be something we would have to consider in evaluating all the bids," said Craig Mattox, the SEC assistant commissioner for championships. ...

Republican John Moore, a Mississippi state representative, said the Confederate emblem should be no more offensive to anyone than a picture of a cotton ball on a T-shirt.