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Sprints Is Beginning to Get Excited About the Season // 07.09.10

If you have not seen this video ...
Watch it NOW.

(HT: Wiz)

Jerry is not happy with it
And he's got a pretty good point -- namely, where is 2004 Auburn?

And I say because that team deserves to be a part of the college football historical landscape represented by a clip like this. Cadillac and Ronnie were important. Jason Campbell was important. The win over LSU and the pass to Taylor that made it happen: important.

But this is also one of the few good things about the chaotic system we have in college football: Some years, there's more than one team worth remembering. Without doing a Web search, can a fan of one of the teams not involved tell me who the Super Bowl loser was in 2004? Can anyone tell me who the NFC Championship Game loser was in 2004? A playoff only leaves one team standing. And it's almost always the only team anyone remembers.

More shades of that era
Dr. Saturday offers a great alternative to the Southern Cal-Tennessee game: Southern Cal-LSU. Just make sure no Tennessee fans get near Mike's cage ... never know when a Tiger might "accidentally" get loose and "accidentally" find itself next to Lane Kiffin.

Evans hearing delayed
Not much more left to this story, at least as far as the college football fan is concerned. Too bad Evans' family won't ever be able to move on.

Alabama has the No. 1 "Game that shouldn't be happening," according to Holly's post over at Dr. Saturday. Don't laugh, Florida fans -- you're No. 2.

Why is this hard?
I'm trying to understand why universities across the nation can have Thursday night games without incident, but Alabama has to shut down the school to pull it off.

This should be even easier
When he wins your first major-sport national championship, you pay the man. Especially when he has a dry sense of humor.

Asked about a possible raise, Tanner said: "I wouldn't be opposed to it."

Nor would any Gamecock fan with half a brain.

Lane Kiffin might vote for them anyway
Which is one reason he probably won't be invited; coaches can't vote for Southern Cal in the USA Today poll this year.