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Sprints Will Not Apply For Damon Evans' Job // 07.07.10


No insider likely as Damon Evans' replacement
That's probably not a big surprise given that the most likely internal candidate, Carla Williams, was named to the search committee. Like voters this year, UGA President Michael Adams is looking for an "outsider."

"I think we have three or four people currently on the staff who are very, very strong people," Adams said. "But my first look in this case is going to be outside."

The reason, he said, is that "I want an outside opinion to take a hard look at what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. As well as we’re doing it, can we do it better?"

A few other notes: Frank Crumley will serve as interim AD, and search chairman David Shipley doesn't expect to make a choice "much earlier than the New Year." So even for those who think Mark Richt might be in some sort of employment trouble -- that calendar would seem to suggest either he won't be fired by the new athletics director, which introduces an interesting new dynamic, or (more likely) he won't be fired at all.

Westerdawg pleased with search committee
What is this with Georgia bloggers suddenly agreeing with Michael Adams? Are they changing their minds?

'Staying sober' would also probably be a good addition to the list
Westerdawg lists some of the decisions and issues the new athletics director will have to deal with.

It will be a question
And while I have intentionally steered clear of the "Is Mark Richt on the Hot Seat?" question until Georgia week, there's no reason not to ask given the discussion about it.

This is ... odd
Jordan Love either couldn't or wouldn't give his middle name to a policeman. That's the first strange thing. So the policeman arrests him. That's the really odd thing. It's enough to make even a South Carolina fan feel a little sorry for Georgia right now.

Roger Goodell about to set record for personal conduct suspension?
Guess where Damon Evans is headed.

I'm hearing Damon Evans already has two offers from professional sports teams to join their respective front offices.less than a minute ago via web


That should turn out well. (HT: Dr. Saturday)


Pat Patterson out at Ole Miss
Houston Nutt confirms the news via text message -- of course. At this point, Ole Miss is going to need Admiral Ackbar to play wideout. Seriously, Patterson (12 catches, 180 yards, 1 TD in 2009) was expected to help out at WR this year.

'I gon' sen' my swamp gatoh out an' he gon' eat you 'live'
Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Malik Jackson told Ed Orgeron he was headed to Knoxville.

"Coach Orgeron probably had a little bit more to say," Jackson said. "He wasn't happy about it but that's OK."

I'm betting it wasn't "Wild Boyz! Wild Boyz!"

There's more where that came from
I'm beginning to really like Derek Dooley.

Weeks ago, Vols faxed over a list of every JR & SR on USCs roster to the Trojans' compliance office to alert them of their recruiting plan.less than a minute ago via web


Well played, sirs. Well played. (HT: Blutarsky)

D'Antoine Hood transfers to Alabama State
Could cause depth issues in the secondary, but that's about it.

Seantrel Henderson freed
You know, part of me wants him to go to Tennessee just to see if it actually is possible for the human head (in this case Orgeron's) to explode.

Dr. Saturday looks at the preseason favorite for the MAC. Temple.