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Sprints Is Dissecting Damon Evans' Apology Because There's Not Much Else // 07.06.10

(Naturally, I come up with that when the story is almost over.)

Mea (almost) culpa
Here is Damon Evans' resignation statement and "apology" to the UGA community:

I would like to once again offer my sincerest apology to the University of Georgia people -- the president and administration, athletic staff and coaches, fans and supporters, and especially the student-athletes. It had been my hope since taking the job in 2004 that I would have a long career at UGA. But because of a serious mistake in judgment, that won’t be the case and I understand that I have a long road to rebuilding my reputation and career. I do want to thank all those who have supported me and the Athletic Association over the past six years and would encourage all those in our Association to remember that they are there for the student-athletes. Keep them first and foremost in everything you do. God bless and "Go Dawgs."

Maybe it's just me -- actually, it's not -- but that doesn't seem like a very heartfelt and contrite apology. There's no sign in there that Evans agrees with the decision, which is perhaps not surprising but also shows a dense stubbornness. He obviously seems to know he did something wrong, but does he realize how big a mistake it was. And when he calls it "a serious mistake in judgment," does he even realize that it's his mistake?

It's over, though, which is really all that Georgia fans need to hear.

What's next?
Michael Adams is supposed to say so today at 2 p.m.


Lane Kiffin showing recruiting results for Tennessee
Sure, he's not actually at Tennessee anymore, but details details.

USC DE Malik Jackson is set to transfer to Tennessee. He had 3.5 sacks as a soph last year.less than a minute ago via OpenBeak


Tennessee fans are pleased, to say the least.

If it's July, it's time to argue about Alabama's 13 18 eleventy billion national titles
Kleph defends Alabama's claim to at least 13 national titles, including most of the retroactive ones but not five "that have a legitimate argument for inclusion." (Which -- if you're going to claim all the ones that anyone has ever recognized, why not?)

However, in the spirit of good debate, Kleph does add this:

Our feeling today is that if you want to disagree with our claim to 13 National Championships is perfectly fine. We welcome the debate.

But as soon a you do, you best be prepared to lay out a reasonable standard to use instead -- and we're highly confident Crimson Tide will emerge on top by that measure as well.

Okay: I don't think retroactive titles should count. Period. I think that if you're going to have polls and similar mechanisms determine a championship, it ought to be polls of contemporaries -- people who actually see at least one or two of the teams play in a given week. (We hope, anyway.)

Alabama is far from the only team that recognizes retroactive titles, though, so the Tide might very well "emerge on top by that measure as well." But to me, it's hard enough to decide who is the greatest team in the current season without trying to do it for seasons that ended years ago. Besides, then you have to accept Darmouth and Lafayette as national champions. Yes, Lafayette.

Purple drank and gold
JaMarcus Russell, formerly of LSU, has apparently completed the process of throwing away potential and talent that many of us would kill to have. The trigger is alleged possession of codeine, but this is not something that should really surprise anyone who has followed Russell's tragic fall from grace.