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Sprints Is Looking for Damon Evans' Replacement // 07.05.10


So much for not considering a resignation
Damon Evans is out, according to the AJC, after a day of reports that he and UGA were negotiating an exit. There's not that much new in the story beyond the details and the information that Evans is "on his way to Boston to join his family," which should be an interesting experience. And also pretty much dispenses with any "reportedly" about the resignation.

There's very little to say that hasn't already been said. This is incredibly sad on almost every level; it's hard to be sympathetic towards Evans, of course, but that doesn't mean it isn't sad any time someone thinks their authority gives them a free ticket from the rules that the rest of us have to follow -- then gets reminded, in the worst way imaginable, that they don't have that ticket at all.

There are two sources of speculation right now: What it could mean for current Georgia coaches like Mark Richt (waaaaaaay too early to tell, whether or not you buy the "hot seat" talk), and where the university will go for its next AD. Greg McGarity is an early favorite -- see the Mayor's endorsement here -- which is fine by me. Another name I've seen floating around is Eric Hyman, which would be a really bad idea for Georgia, absolutely horrible, no reason to hire the South Carolina athletics director, nope nope nope.

Bradley also has Carla Williams in the running, which would be an innovative hire as the first woman AD in the league. Which also means Michael Adams would get huge points with all the media and his fellow academicians. That doesn't necessarily mean that ...

Yeah, it's Williams' job if she wants it.

Not that his results were that great to begin with
One of the defenses of Damon Evans -- back when anyone was bothering to defend him -- was that he had done well at Georgia. The basis of this was almost entirely monetary. But as Quinton at Georgia Sports Blog shows, that disguised a downward trend in competitiveness during Evans' tenure. It's not hard to think after looking at this piece that getting rid of Evans might do more than save face. It might also help the sports in Athens.


Play Ball!
The final Baseball America rankings are out. South Carolina is No. 1 (duh), up from No. 12 before the College World Series. Other SEC teams in the final poll with their post-regular season rankings:

No. 7 Florida (4)
No. 13 Arkansas (19)
No. 14 Vanderbilt (25)
No. 16 Alabama (NR)
No. 19 Auburn (14)
NR LSU (23)

So it's better for everyone except Florida, Auburn and LSU, which should really come as no surprise. (HT: Tomahawk Nation)

Arkansas Expats is concerned about Ryan Mallett's foot
And not without some reason.

So an ESPN executive told Lee Corso, who told Jay Paterno ...
If this weren't already a near-certainty, I might be a bit more hesitant about it. But it seems like this is a solid tip picked up by Penn State assistant Jay Paterno (the Paterno who didn't personally witness the signing of the Magna Carta).

We'll see Gameday week 2 when we play at Alabama.

Gameday. Tuscaloosa. I wouldn't be brave enough to pick the Nittany Lions, but then again, some people aren't as fond of physical safety as I am. (HT: Black Shoe Diaries)

Could you not steal one of South Carolina's opponents this year? Thanks.
LSU is hoping ESPN can find a looking for a high-profile opponent for 2011.

Former SEC coaches in trouble for speaking truth, Part I
The Conference of Texas and Nine Other Teams Big XII reprimanded Tommy Tuberville for saying the Big XII won't last long. Even though it won't. Because the reprimand comes under the heading of criticizing conference members, we can safely surmise that Tuberville is in trouble for daring to question whether Texas ought to be the tyrant king of the conference. Dan Beebe:

Tommy Tuberville’s comments were unfortunate, and contrary to the very strong feelings of unity expressed publicly and privately by the Big 12 Board of Directors and athletic directors.

Would that be the "unity expressed publicly" when Nebraska and Colorado left the league? Or the "unity expressed ... privately" when Texas was days away from joining the Pac-10 and destroying the league forever?

Former SEC coaches in trouble for speaking truth, Part II
Ron Zook on whether the SEC is better than the Big Ten:

At this time, it probably is but I think there’s teams in the Big Ten Conference just as well as there’s teams in the Southeastern Conference that can play against anybody.

Hey, maybe the Big Ten is getting "better and better."

Another Zook statement of interest
He says Greg Nord is headed to Kentucky.

Fund established for Joe Kines' grandchildren |
FYI (HT: Roll Bama Roll)