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Live-Blogging Mark Richt

9:55 a.m CT -- Mark Richt is headed to the podium. Before he can get there, Paul Finebaum walks up to the podium and places a Bunsen burner a few feet behind it.

10 a.m. CT -- Getting the 3-4 ready for an early game against Arkansas. "It's scary. It's scary preparing for Arkansas. ... They were tough to defend a year ago, which was obvious in our game." In fairness, coach, a lot of people looked "tough to defend" against Georgia last year.

10:07 a.m. CT -- The job security questions are not being phrased directly, which is interesting. Someone asked about Bobby Bowden; another person asked what a coach has to do besides winning to stay at an SEC school 10 years. (All Richt has ever done, he says, is try to represent the school well and make good decisions. Otherwise, he trusts God.) No direct question so far, no direct answer.

10:15 a.m. CT -- Finally. Are you offended by being on the hot seat? "Not really. I understand the business, I understand how things go, so I don't worry about it. ... I can control my attitude. I can control my effort. I can control certain things. ... The things that I can't control, I just trust the Lord with that."

10:16 a.m. CT -- And now the Damon Evans question. Doesn't affect preparations. Does he think he'll have impact on the new athletics director? He doesn't think so. Last time he was the committee; not exactly possible this year. "I think it's a plum athletics director job. ... So I'm sure that we'll find the right man for that job."