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Sprints Would Also Welcome the Indianapolis Colts to the SEC // 06.03.10


Michael Adams not crazy about expansion? Maybe I should change my opinion ...
The UGA president thinks the league should wait. He's ... right?

"I'm not paying a whole lot of attention to it, and I advised the commissioner the same," Adams said Wednesday. "I think we're in the driver's seat. We've got the strongest conference field in America, and the only reason that we would ever need to do anything would be if there was an arrangement that brought additional strength."

But the best idea might come from Les Miles.

Asked if Texas would make a nice addition to the SEC, LSU football coach Les Miles quipped: "Or the Green Bay Packers, one of the two."

Hey, they know how to tailgate up there. And the logo would be familiar. So why not?

Moronic rule survives
The idiocy over the artificial noisemaker rule continues, with talk now of an unspecified "compromise." I cannot imagine why this is so difficult. I think I might try to sneak a small cannon into the next SEC game I attend, just because.

Then again, they might just do nothing
Why make any changes? They're in Florida! Better get to the beaches before they're black! All those "things" that you might "do" can just be put off to next year, right? After all, by then then the coast will resemble Jed Clampett's back yard and they can focus on work.

No comment from the Noted Humanitarian
I thought about rehashing the argument about why the allegations are a big deal, but I don't think any more can be said. So we'll just leave it with the news -- Calipari declined comment on the Eric Bledsoe affair -- and point out that a coach ALLEGEDLY shopping a player around ALLEGEDLY is always a major issue. And Kentucky fans (coughcoughAlbertMeanscoughcough) should know that as well as anyone else.

But make it all about the grades if you want to defeat a straw man. Not that academic fraud isn't important -- regardless of who committed it -- because it is. But there are more issues here than just a suspicious increase in GPA.

Tebow questions continue for Meyer
Like the Senator, I see no reason to believe the media will lose its interest in the man Blutarsky calls the GPOOE™.


Uga VIII coming soon -- but not too soon
It seems that the newest mascot dawg will have its day -- but probably not on Opening Day, Hale reports.

I spoke with Sonny Seiler yesterday, and he said that although he already has several puppies that could be potential replacements for Uga VII, who died last year, he has already informed Georgia president Michael Adams and athletics director Damon Evans that no dog will be ready for the start of the season.

So Russ will remain on his interim ice throne for another few weeks, it seems. At least two or three weeks.

Groo would just as soon keep Russ
He lays out when a new Uga might debut and figures the team might as well just play under one dog this year. (Though his opinion might change if Georgia's record isn't 5-0, which seems a bit lofty for their opening stretch.)

Thoughts and prayers for David Kindred
The Alabama designated hitter has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

RIP, Haywood Harris
A sports information director, assistant athletics director and historian at Tennessee.